Slice of Cheese

Devonport v Olympia

 Shots On
 Shots Off

90′ – Full-time: Devonport Strikers 3 – 1 Olympia FC Warriors. A solid win for Devonport, who will go into the Lakoseljac Cup final next week full of confidence. Lazcano’s fitness will be a talking point, but Mann is in red hot form.

90′ – Dance is now coming on for the Strikers, Barnard coming off

87′ – Lazcano goes down in a world of hurt, some serious cramp for the Spaniard. Absolutely no risks taken from Gallo, .Lazcano is off, with Knott coming on. We have our ‘late fitness test, will he, or won’t he’ storyline for the week.

86′ – Another good save from Randall. A fizzing shot from Stone, but a strong hand from the young keeper. Far from disgraced in this match is Randall, has had plenty to do in this game.

84′ – Falcon alert! Wadawu now copping one fair in the scone. And the Valley Road faithful have still not claimed there free pizza. As you can tell, the fizz has gone out of this match somewhat.

81′ – A corner for the Strikers, who are looking to kill this game off. A huge pack swarms on the 6 yard box, there are bodies everywhere, and a throw in the Strikers is awarded after all that.

74′ – GOAL! Give that man(n) the match ball. Diagonal ball straight from the Paul Scholes playbook from Dom Smith, falls right to the feet of Brayden Mann, who sets himself and fires it home! Strikers now looking good for the win here.

67′ – A game of two halves in terms of style this match. High tempo first half, followed by a scrappy second half through its first 20 minutes. Andrews fashions a chance for Stone, but Stone scuffs his shot wide.

64′ – Substitution for the Strikers – Krusa Off, Andrews On.

60′ – Comfortable save for Randall from the free kick from Holden. Warriors take the ball down the other end and win a corner. Sending the tall timber forward.

56′ – Controversy! Gurson takes a diagonal ball down, and rifles it into the back of the net… BUT! He is called for handball. Replays show that a lot of chest was used to bring the ball down, but how much arm?

55′ – Falcon alert! Ortmann blocks the free kick from Mann with his face. That cheekbone is going to be sore in the morning.

54′ – SLICE OF CHEESE – Wadawu with a synical foul to stop Holden bursting into the box. Had support inside did Wadawu but chose to foul instead.

53′ – 3 very ambitious shots in a row from Devonport. It’s good for their ‘shots off’ tally, but not much more than that.

49′ – SLICE OF CHEESE – Stevens collect Barnard with the studs right to the shin, and a yellow card is shown, deservedly so.

46′ – We are back underway for the second half

45′ – Half-time: Devonport 2 – 1 Olympia FC Warriors.

45′ – SLICE OF CHEESE –  The flailing arm of Smith collects Gurson in the face, and a yellow card is produced. Not intentional, but a cheese nonetheless.

43′ – SLICE OF CHEESE – Blizzard gives away a cheap card for kicking the ball away. Entirely unnecessary from the midfield general.

42′ – SLICE OF CHEESE – Gurson earns a dose of dairy.

39′ – GOAL! It’s that Man(n) again! Holden works down the left and fires a shot in… well it seemed like a shot, but Mann is all alone at the back post to turn it into the back of the net. 14th goal this season for NPL Tas leading goalscorer.

37′ – 37 minutes before the first offside call, stopping a threatening ball in towards Brayden Mann. Mann stays down after contact with the keeper.

35′ – The game still being played a fantastic tempo, despite a brief lull in shots on goal

30′ – Another good save from Randall, but this time it spills into a dangerous area. The fox in the box was lurking, but Randall claims at the second attempt.

28′ – SLICE OF CHEESE – A wrestle on the sideline between Sammut and Bidwell, the referee Nathan Coad adjudges Sammut the instigator, and produces a dose of dairy.

27′ – Bidwell again denied by Hill! A copy of the earlier attempt. Bidwell in all kinds of space, beats Randall, and Hill sticks out a leg on the line again!

25′ – GOAL! A scrappy goal but the away team will take it! Corner swung in, and after a few goes at it, Gurson swings it towards goal, takes a deflection and loops over the keeper! Olympia level it up.

21′ – Olympia are looking very stretched in defence, especially down the grandstand side of Valley Road. Warriors are looking threatening on the counter-attacking, winning another corner. But nothing comes of it.

18′ – Joel Stone marauding down the left flank, beats 2 players, curls a shot on goal, and only the outstretched hand of Randall denies Stone. A strong palm over the crossbar from the keeper.

14′ – GO……. so close! Eddie Bidwell exposing the left hand side of Olympia’s defence again, Bidwell strikes the ball, beats Randall, but the Mountain sliding in on the goal line and knocks it clear.

11′ – GOAL! Brayden Mann left wide open at the back post. No one within 5 metres of him, and with the first time volley, slots it past Darby Randall. Dom Smith providing the assist. Mann’s 13th goal for the season

9′ – Olympia win a free kick on the edge of the box, approx 22 yards out, after a silly push in the back. Wadawu and Castenada over the ball….. and Wadawu thumps it right into the wall. Opportunity wasted.

7′ – Castenada’s delightful look away pass unlocks the Strikers midfield, Gurson ends up with a half-chance on a tight angle but Devonport have enough numbers back. Good tempo to this game so far

5′ – No real chances for either side so far. Both defences have the height advantage over their attacking opponents. Gurson vs Lazcano looks like me standing up to Peter Crouch!

2′ – A lurking cross from the right has Darby Randall scrambling towards his back post, but it sails over the top. Immediate pressure from the Strikers on the young Olympia keeper.

1′ – We are underway at a sun-drenched Valley Road. No huge tactical surprises from either team today.

Hello everybody for this big Round 9 clash between Devonport and Olympia Warriors. This seasons tight title race means this match already has huge implications for top spot. We are soon to get underway.



Pitchford (gk), Smith, Bidwell, Lazcano, Mulraney, Mann, Holden, Blizzard, Barnard, Stone, Krusa

Subs: Jesse Dance, Andrews, Knott, Pierce (gk)


Randall (gk), Gurson Sammut, Wadawu, Holmes, Castaneda, Hill, Griffiths, Ortmann, Stevens, Vandermay,

Subs: Little, Nkoso, Curtis


The biggest game of the round in the NPL sees Olympia venturing up to Valley Road to take on Devonport and if they are going to make a charge for the title then taking 3 points will be vital. They currently sit 7 points adrift of the leaders Launceston City and in a mass of four sides from 2nd-5th who are separated by just 3 points after 8 rounds. Games against sides like the Strikers are the types of games that the Warriors have not been able to get a result in so far in 2018. They have 12 points from 4 games against the competitions bottom 3, but they have struggled to find the back of the net in any of the games against the rest of the top four, managing just 3 goals in those games in the NPL. They have shown they can compete with the best sides, they took Devonport to extra time away in the Lakoseljac Cup, drew with them in the NPL 1-1 and they outplayed South Hobart for 85 minutes before faltering at the death and conceding twice in the final five minutes to lose 2-1. The Strikers put in a complete performance against Clarence last week in a dominant showing that showed their form is strong, even with none of their import players starting so will enter as rightful favourites, but this will be a tough game.

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