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Devonport v South Hobart

Live Blog Coverage From Andrew Cooling

South Hobart
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 Shots Off

Full Time: Devonport 1-0 South Hobart

They do it again! The Strikers claim a third win from three games v South, another nail biter that could have gone either way, but once again it goes the Strikers way.

90+1′ Douce on for Bowman, last chance saloon time.

88′ Cook puts in a cross where Scmidt and Sculthorpe are somehow unmarked! Sculthorpe might have been better off leaving it for the former, as the header is wide, and a scrambling Thomas comes close to reaching it at the back post.

87′ Mann weaves his way between the centre backs before pulling one across the face, not far away. Had been one of his quieter games, but he has stood up big time in the dying embers of this one.

85′ Not content with scoring at the other end, Mann now with a vital tackle to whisk the ball away from Morton who was shaping to shoot at the top of the box.

84′ MANN!!!!!! GOAL! 1-0 Devonport! A drive from Blizzard, lurking outside the box from a corner, flies through the box and there was Mann, who sticks a leg out and directs it home! What a massive moment in the season this could be!

83′ Bidwell chips it for Barnard whose header is blocked by a backtracking Schmidt.

82′ Mann beats two defenders all ends up, then drives one that Brown just gets a finger tip to and keeps out, reaction save that and a vital one.

80′ Krusa tries the spectacular volley from the top of the box but it flies wide.

78′ A dangerous Morton free kick to the near post is well steered away by the Strikers defence.

It’s been another tremendously physical game, tackles flying in from both sides and its being dialled up both sides get desperate here. A draw not much use for anyone, except for Launceston City that is. 

76’Barnard rises above the pack and heads wide of the net from a long range free.

74′ Stone with a gem of a ball, plays Mann in behind the defence, he rounds the keeper, and the flag is raised! Not sure he was, but that spares his blushes, as he missed the resulting shot into the empty net. Though to be fair I think he was aware the flag had been raised as he hit it.

70′ Twenty minutes to go, a goal either way looking like it will win it. South Sub on Sculthorpe for Degetto.

59′ Scenes! Pitchford comes miles off his line but fails to reach the ball. De Vecchi has an empty net to fire at, with just Bidwell back but bizarrely opts to pass to Morton and the play is broken up. Brain fades from both Pitchford and De Vecchi there.

59′ A corner leads to Mann firing on the turn but Gorrie blocks that, then a cross comes to the back post where Smith heads into the side netting.

56′ After a furious few minutes either side of the half, the game has settled back into the same pattern that most of the first half played out in, end to end, but few chances. Strikers have looked the more improved side thus far.

48′ KIERAN BROWN! HOW DID HE KEEP THAT OUT?!Barnard appeared to have repeated his cup final heroics with a header that seemed destined to hit the back of the net, before Brown flings himself to his left and makes a stunning save at full extension! Part of the ball had probably crossed the line, that’s how close it was.

46′ Some early attacking intent from the Strikers, Mann plays in Blizzard who smashes it high over the top from the right hand side of the box.

Half Time: 0-0, a frenetic finish to the half with an action packed last couple of minutes but no goals as of yet. Hopefully that’s a sign of things to come as the whistle was blown just as the game was starting to come to life.

45+1′ Michael Holden shakes off Bowman then shoots but he can’t beat Brown.

45′ MISS! Adam Gorrie is mister 100% no longer as he drives it wide of the post.

44′ PENALTY! Schmidt beats one, then beats Lazcano who clips his trailing leg. Schmidt keeps his feet, full credit to him for that, and he gets rewarded with the spot kick. 

39′ Turner lays off to De Vecchi at the top of the box and he bends one trying to pick out the corner, but its narrowly wide of the  post.

37′ The corner is met by the head of Lazcano who nods it straight at Brown.

36′ Krusa tries to take Brown by surprise by sneaking the shot from a long range free kick. Brown gets across, but mishandles and its behind for a corner.

35′ Both defences firmly on top here at the moment, Devonport have shaded the past few moments but neither side are creating any clear chances to speak of. 

26′ A charging Marins is hacked down by Blizzard who gets himself a slice of cheese. De Vecchi drawing plenty of fouls early, the Strikers putting lots of work into him.

Devonport happy to get it on the head of Barnard, trying to repeat the tactic that led to them Lakoseljac Cup victory. 

20′ Turner appears to be clipped as he raced towards a loose ball at  the top of the box, incidental contact? Nothing doing, but Mulraney might have gotten away with one there.

16′ De Vecchi shows Blizzard a clean pair of heels with a nice piece of trickery, he charges to the box where Lazcano brings him down with a heavy challenge just outside the area. The resulting Morton free kick is blocked away.

15′ In a near mirror of the previous play, this time Gorrie has space on the right hand side of the box, he smashes it over the bar, nowhere near the net that one.

14′ Degetto finds some space on the right and runs into the box before driving a low one that Pitchford collects comfortably.

9′ A talking to from Tony Peart to Joel Stone, as he is blown for a second foul in quick succession.

8′ Cook’s long range free kick is just over the head of Marins who had snuck free in the box and tried to glance it, but didn’t get the contact he was after.

5′ A lovely clip from Schmidt over the top almost springs Gorrie but the former Striker’s first touch is heavy.

3′ Shot on! Smith blasts one from the angle but Brown’s positioning is spot on.

1′ Devonport with an attack almost immediately, Krusa having a shot blocked, before a ball is worked to Barnard’s whose header is plucked comfortably by Kieran Brown.

1′ Underway at Valley Road, Nick Morton wearing the armband for South in Brown’s absence. Huge 3 points at stake hear.

This game looms as crucial. With both sides sitting on 20 points, the game looms as decisive in sorting out who is the most likely challenger to the runaway leaders Launceston City. City sit in front of both sides with a current gap of 6 points to the chasing pair. The sides have met twice this season, most recently in the Lakoseljac Cup Final, where the Strikers claimed a 1-0 win thanks to an early Miles Barnard strike. The Strikers were the better side on the day, though South had their moments in what was a fairly tight game. Devonport also won the NPL game back in Round 4 by a score of 2-1, though South can consider themselves unlucky to have lost that game, having dominated most the game. These sides are so evenly matched, the margins between victory and defeat have been razor thin in their first two games, expect nothing else on Saturday. No Brown in the South side today, or Alex Walter, but Oscar Thomas is back after being subbed out as a precautionary measure last week. The Strikers unchanged again.