Slice of Cheese

Glenorchy Knights v Olympia

Live Blog Coverage From Daniel Webb 

Wednesday 13 March, 8:15pm, KGV

 Shots On
 Shots Off

90′ Full Time Olympia 3 defeat Glenorchy 1

93′ Cheese! Scott picks up a Slice of Cheese and the Knights get a freekick in a dangerous spot

92′ Naden with a ball into Bellini, Olympia hold strong

90′ Naden with a shot on goal, straight to McDonald

88′ Bellini with a cross going long

87′ Cheese! Declan Brown picks up a yellow card 

85′ Cheese! Kurtz picks up a slice of cheese, gifting the Knights another attacking opportunity 

84′ Substitute for the Warriors, Joel Sammut coming on for Jake Vandermey

83′ The Knights win a freekick in a very good position, the ball goes out for a goal kick

82′ George Hallard finds himself at the top of the box but hits his shot wide of the goal

81′ The Knights win a corner

80′ Nowicki finds himself through but the shot falls straight to McDonald

79′ Ryan Heads wide from a Scott corner

79′ Ladic wins a corner for the Warriors

77′ The Knights win another attacking freekick

76′ Jake Vandermey finds himself running through on goal but can only find the side netting

76′ A long ball from the Knights falls straight to McDonald

75′ Ladic with a powerful shot, defended well by the Knights

74′ Substitute for Olympia, Jacob Leaman coming off for Jonathan Mulungula

73′ Nowiki wins an important freekick for the Knights in their attacking half, James’ ball goes out for a goal kick

71′ Substitute for the Knights, Tom Bellini coming on for Tom Young

70′ Leaman almost gets his second before Jack Ryan hits the back of the net, however the flag was raised

70′ Olympia win a freekick, Scott over the ball in their attacking half

69′ Nkoso with a good ball through to Ryan who hits his shot just wide

67′ The Knights almost get one back, forcing a big save from McDonald

66′ Goal Olympia! Joffery Nkoso spreads it wide to Jacob Leaman who manages to find the back of the net, the Warriors now lead 3-1 

65′ Cheese! Nowicki brings down Scott in the centre of the park 

64′ Nkoso draws a foul, after some more sublime skill

63′ Olympia win a corner

62′ Substitute for Olympia, Ben Curtis coming on for Nick Mearns

60′ Cheese! Naden picks up some cheese

59′ Jake Stuart with an attempted cross however Olympia hold strong

57′ Substitute for the Knights, Nowicki on for Heggie

56′ Goal Warriors! Chaos in the box sees Mearns played through, hitting the ball into the back of the net and seeing the visitors go 2-1 up 

56′ The Warriors win a corner

55′ Mearns with a ball to Ladic at the top of the box but Hallard clears

54′ Hallard shrugs off a Ryan challenge to win a freekick

53′ Stuart with a cross into the box, not finding anybody

52′ Hill finds Leaman well with a diagonal ball

50′ Vandermey with a good ball from the left wing to find the head of Ryan, however the ball goes wide

49′ Hill with a great ball to find Nkoso and Ryan with Nkoso putting it in the back of the net, however the flag was raised for offside

48′ The Knights win a freekick in the box after their keeper is fouled

47′ Cheese! George Hallard fouls Nkoso, giving the Warriors an attacking freekick 

47′ Leaman has a shot on goal but yet again it falls straight to the keeper

46′ The ball is nodded on target but straight to the keeper

46′ Olympia win an early freekick, Scott over the ball again

46′ Second Half Underway 

An exciting first half of football at KGV with both sides having a number of chances. The Knights found the lead early through Declan Brown before a spectacular Jordan Scott strike levelled the scores just before half time. The second half could go either way, and it is sure to be a great contest.

45′ Half Time, Glenorchy 1 Olympia 1 

45′ George Hallard shows his strength once again for the Knights

45′ Lucas Hill with an important clearance for the Warriors

43′ Goal Olympia! Jordan Scott with a brilliant shot from outside the box to find the back of the net for the Warriors, levelling the score at 1-1

42′ Lachie Hardwick does well to put the ball out of play before Nkoso could get there

41′ Lucas Hill loses the ball to Brown before gifting the Knights a freekick in the attacking half

40′ Mearns hits a shot wide after the corner spills to him

39′ Nkoso with a great shot saved well by the Knights keeper

38′ Nkoso puts Hardwick under a lot of pressure

38′ Stevens with a good win of the ball in the centre of the park

37′ Hill with a long diagonal ball to Nkoso, the Warriors win an attacking throw

35′ Ryan finds himself through on goal but the flag is raised for offside

35′ Jordan Scott with a shot spraying wide for the Warriors

34′ Olympia win a throw in their attacking half

32′ Alex Bellini plays the ball into the middle but there are no tamales in the middle

30′ Substitute Knights with Lachie Hardwick coming on for Jack Kupsch after he went down injured

30′ George Hallard with a great sliding challenge to win the ball off Leaman

28′ Ladic with a great give and go to find Leaman with the ball going out for a goal kick

28′ Scott attempts to find a team-mate but goes out for a Knights goal kick

27′ Declan Brown charges at Kyle McDonald, giving the Warriors a goal kick

26′ Olympia win a freekick with Scott over the ball

24′ Cheese! Bellini picks up the first bit of cheddar of the game 

24′ Declan Brown with a superb show of skill but McDonald denies the Knights captain a goal

23′ Leaman plays a great ball to Ryan but can’t he can’t finish

23′ Scott with a great ball to Ryan

21′ Brown’s cross is cleared well by Olympia

21′ Nkoso does well to create a chance but hits wide of the goal

20′ Hallard holds strong again against Ryan

19′ George Hallard does well to win a foul for the Knights

17′ Goal Knights! Declan Brown finishes off a brilliant ball from Naden and puts the Knights 1-0 up 

16′ Stevens attempts to play Nkoso through but falls straight to the keeper

15′ A good counter from Olympia turns to nothing as the Knights hold strong

14′ Nkoso with a good show of skill through the middle

13′ The Knights win a freekick after a promising attack from Nkoso and Kurtz

12′ Jake Stuart with a shot going wide before Naden sends the Knights fans into celebration only for the ball to hit the wrong side of the net

11′ Vandermey with a searching ball for Leaman but Hallard defends well

10′ The Knights win a freekick in their own half

9′ Declan Brown finds himself with the ball at the top of the box but fails to find Naden

9′  The Warriors win a free kick in their own half due to a handball

8′ Nicholas Naden finds himself with space in the middle but hits just wide of the goal

6′ Declan Brown with a great interception to win the Knights a throw

5′ Kurtz with a searching ball, straight to the keeper

4′ Sam James with a shot going wide from the top of the box

3′ Heggie with a cross falling straight to the keeper

2′ Naden drives down the right hand side but the ball rolls out for a corner

2′ A freekick to the Warriors sees Ryan hit wide

1’Kick Off

Midweek football is back at KGV with the Glenorchy Knights hosting the Olympia Warriors in the Knights first home game since their return to the NPL. The Knights are coming off a strong showing against Riverside, whilst Olympia will be looking to bounce back from a loss to Devonport.

Olympia Warriors Team Sheet:

Glenorchy Knights Team Sheet: