Slice of Cheese

Hobart Zebras v Devonport Strikers

Live Blog Coverage From Daniel Webb

 Shots On
 Shots Off


90′ Full Time, Hobart Zebras 1 draw with the Devonport Strikers 1

90′ Miles Barnard almost sees his team win the game after a Robinson mistake gifts him a shot in the box

90′ Krusa with a shot from distance that goes well wide

90′ The Strikers win a late throw as the game moves into injury time

88′ Markaj finds Sanders who controls it well, however Devonport win the ball

87′ Mulraney almost scores for the Strikers as his shot goes wide

86′ Cheese and Red! Isky Van Doorne is shown the door as he picks up his second slice of cheese

85′ Eddie Bidwell does well down the right hand side, end to end stuff here

83′ The Zebras win a corner with 7 minutes remaining

82′ The Zebras fans are sent into raptures as Ackerly forces Pitchford to make a great save, however the flag was raised for offside

81′ Cheese! The Zebras pick up another slice of cheese through Jayden Hey 

80′ The Zebras send panic through the Strikers as they attack well

80′ Cheese! Van Doorne picks up some cheddar 

79′ Joel Stone with a volley that is easily dealt with by Kamara

78′ Sklenar plays a ball to the back post, unlucky for it to run long

77′ The Zebras with a chance on goal, but Pitchford does well

74′ Lazcanno pulls up a bit sheepish after his challenge on Sanders

74′ Sanders with a break down the right hand side, with the zebras fans calling for a penalty

74′ Cheese! The fox in the box Miles Barnard picks himself up a slice of cheese 

70′ Cheese! Sheku Kamara wins himself a slice of cheese 

70′ Goal! Brayden Mann sees his side level the game as he makes no mistake from the spot 

70′ Penalty! The Strikers win a penalty through Miles Barnard who is brought down in the box 

68′ Mulraney wins the ball and sets his side on the counter

65′ Substitute for the Zebras, Lachlan Burt coming off for James Ackerly

64′ Lazcanno with a shot going wide from the corner

63′ Kamara plays the ball straight to his opponent Stone and Devonport win a corner

62′ Holden breaks well down the left hand side and looks back into Barnard, a good build up for the Strikers

60′ Bidwell comes back on in what is a good sign for the Strikers

59′ Eddie Bidwell goes down after a heavy collision, the Strikers down to 10 for the moment

57′ Joel Stone gets a talking to from the referee for his challenge, the Zebras with a freekick

54′ Lachlan Burt attempts from range, with the ball flying over the bar

53′ Barnard almost levels the scores but can’t quite get to the ball

53′ Muller fouls his opponent, allowing the Strikers an attacking opportunity

50′ Mann sets up Holden at the top of the box, with Holden’s shot flying over the bar

49′ The Strikers freekick is dangerous, with the Zebras defence holding strong

48′ Cheese! Jan Charuza picks up some cheddar and gifts the Strikers a freekick 

47′ Ben Robinson finds Sklenar on the run, the Zebras win a throw

45′ Van Doorne with an early cross testing Pitchford

45′ Second Half Underway

A Jakob Sklenar goal is all that separates the two sides as they head into the sheds. The Strikers held the majority of possession and had a large amount of the attack, however the Zebras held strong, with their late goal seeing them hit the front. It will be interesting to see whether the Zebras defence can continue to hold in the second half or if the Strikers will find the back of the net

45′ Halftime Hobart 1 Strikers 0 

45′ Devonport win a freekick as the half is coming to an end

42′ Goal! The Zebras hit the lead with a Lachlan Burt cross finding Jakob Sklenar who hits the back of the net with a fantastic header, the score is now Zebras 1 Strikers 0 

40′ The Zebras with a good break, Muller’s ball going long

39′ Kamara almost gifts the Strikers the lead but does well to recover

38′ The Zebras win another corner after consecutive attacks

37′ A Jayden Hey cross almost sees the Zebras score, with Strikers defenders tumbling in the box

35′ Krusa’s freekick almost finds the back of the net as the wind pushes it towards goal

34′ A wayward Stone pass sees the Zebras counter, with Hey and Dillon breaking down the left hand side

33′ The Strikers with great build up play, seeing Joel Stone with a shot from distance

30′ The Zebras with a good attack, dealt with well by the Strikers

29′ Blizzard brings down Burt, gifting the Zebras a free

27′ The Strikers win another corner, piling on the pressure here at KGV

26′ The Strikers are pushing hard for a goal with plenty of the ball

25′ Mulraney with another chance off a set piece, his side wins a corner

24′ Brayden Mann almost scores after Eddie Bidwell whipped in a great ball

24′ Beau Blizzard’s with a shot from distance that doesn’t test Kamara

22′ Krusa’s freekick almost sees the Strikers go one goal up with Kieran Mulraney’s header going just wide

21′ Mann with a first time flick that could have seen Krusa through

18′ Joel Stone looking dangerous up front

17′ Jayden Hey’s fast feet wins the Zebras a free

15′ A great switch of play for Devonport as Barnard re enters the pitch

13′ Miles Barnard comes off due to some blood, Devonport down to 10 for the moment

12′ Markaj finds Sklenar from distance with the Czech unable to find a shot on goal

9′ The Strikers win a free with Krusa over the ball, defended well by Burt

8′ Krusa with a good run for the Strikers, cant get the cross away but wins a corner

7′ Sklenar with a good cross for the Zebras, dealt with well by Bidwell

6′ Lachlan Burt with a great one two with Muller

5′ Holden’s freekick hits the wall

4′ Beau Blizzard wins a freekick for the Strikers at the top of the box

3′ Sklenar with a shot going wide for the Zebras

3′ Van Doorne’s corner finds a teammate who almost hits the back of the net for the Zebras

2′ Another Zebras attack looks dangerous, winning a corner

1′ Jayden Hey combines well with Van Doorne and Dillion, however the attack comes to nothing

1′ Kick Off

A huge game here at KGV in what has been a wet and windy Sunday in the south of Tasmania. The Devonport Strikers will be looking to continue their fine form from Monday’s cup final whilst the Zebras have had a week off after their demolition of the Northern Rangers. This is a big game in terms of league standings with the three points being vital for both teams in the quest for the 2018 NPL TAS title.