Slice of Cheese

Hobart Zebras v Kingborough Lions

Live Blog Coverage From Daniel Webb

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 Shots Off

90′ Full Time: Hobart Zebras 4 defeat the Kingborough Lions 3

90′ Dillon and Hey attack well, winning another Zebras corner

90′ Herweynen with a long throw into the box for the Lions, but the Zebras win a foul

90′ The Zebras attempt to hold it in the corner but the Lions win it back

90′ Sklenar wins the Zebras a freekick, not long to go

89′ The Lions almost equalise, but can’t find the finishing touch

87′ Substitue for the Zebras, Sanders coming off for Luke Bigin

Goal! 86′ Pearce’s freekick finds it way to Timothy Baker, who finds the back of the net, the score is now 4-3

Cheese! 86′ Markaj picks up some cheese and gifts the Lions a freekick

Goal! 84′ Matthew Sanders doubles the Zebras lead, converting from the spot, the score is now 4-2

83′ Penalty! Jakob Sklenar wins the Zebras a penalty after a Lions handball

83′ Riley Dillion with a powerful shot going wide

82′ Jayden Hey almost scores his second

81′ Cheese! Timothy Baker picks up some cheddar 

77’Substititue for the Zebras, Pace coming off for Ackerly

76′ Goal! The Zebras gain back their lead after Jayden Hey hits a powerful shot, it took some deflections but it found the back of the net, the score is now 3-2 

75′ Walsh wins a freekick on the right for the Zebras after he is bought down, almost in the box

73′ Substitute for the Lions, Calvert comes off for James Hall

72′ Penalty shouts from the lions crowd as they continue to attack

70′ Substitute for the Zebras, Burt coming off for Huigsloot

66′ The freekick goes across the face of goal, however there are no Zebras to meet it

66′ Calvert comes back on as the Zebras win a freekick

65′ The Lions are down to ten momentarily as Calvert comes off

63′ Calvert is down injured after a collision of the Zebras corner

62′ O’Connell with a fantastic save for the lions after the Zebras looked sure to score

60′ Substitue for the Lions, William Davis coming on for Christian Di Martino

59′ Jakob Sklenar rises highest to hit his head on the Zebras corner, his shot going over the bar

58′ The Lions with some good possession, seeing the shot go straight to Kamara

58′ Hey whips in a dangerous cross

57′ Dillion’s freekick is cleared well by O’Connell

56′ Lachlan Burt with two crosses for the Zebras, winning a free on the edge of the box

56′ Verdouw finds Calvert with a great ball

54′ Baker finds himself with time in the box and an open Jacob Calvert to his left, but chooses to shoot, hitting over the bar

53′ The Lions with some more great play in the final third, with Timothy Baker’s shot going just wide

51′ Jayden Hey puts it on a platter for Sklenar, whose opponent gets the better of him

51′ Matthew Sanders is through on goal, but his touch lets him down

50′ Pace with a good run down the right hand side, his cross goes well out

48′ Goal Lions! Timothy Baker equalises for the Lions with a magical run and finish, the score is now 2-2

46′ The Zebras with a solid attack, O’Connell does well to clear Dillon’s cross with his first touch

45′ Halftime substitute for the lions, with goalkeeper Mitchell Stalker coming off for Nickolas O’Connell

45′ Second Half Underway 

An entertaining first half of football, that turned into an end to end contest. The Zebras had the better chances of the two sides throughout the half, however have not finished well in the final third, the Lions on the other hand have looked dangerous on the counter, with Pearce’s set pieces providing great opportunities to score. As the half wore on the lions fought their way back into the game and it will be interesting to see how each teams approaches the second half.

45′ Half Time Zebras 2 Lions 1

45′ The Lions with a one two on the right wing, almost creating a cross

45′ Baker with a teasing ball into the middle, Kamara does well

45′ Jayden Hey finds sklenar in the middle, however the Czech hits wide

44′ The Lions almost equalise after a good period of play

41′ Mat Pace shows plenty of speed down the right hand side

40′ Pearce’s freekick almost finds its way through with Verdouw almost scoring

40′ The Lions with another freekick on the left

36′ Goal Zebras! Riley Dillion puts the Zebras back in the lead after Jakob Sklenar sets him up, the score now 2-1

35′ The zebras almost miss an easy goal, with Jakob Sklenar taking his time to shoot, before nutmegging Stalker and his shot getting cleared off the line

34′ The Lions win a freekick, not long after the ball appeared to hit Pace on the face, making a crunching noise that echoed through KGV

33′ Timothy Baker finds a teammate with a great through ball, however it comes to nothing

31′ The Zebras’ freekick finds Markaj in the box, whose shot hits the post, unlucky not to score

30′ The Zebras win a freekick on the left hand side, a dangerous area

29′ Goal! The Lions equalise as Danny Cowen makes no mistake from the spot, the score is now 1-1

28′ Pearce’s freekick hits the hand of a Zebra and the referee points to the spot

28′ The Lions win a foul, giving Pearce the chance to whip one in

27′ Sanders with a great run off a Zebras throw, his shot hitting the side netting

24′ Jayden Hey does well, beating multiple players on the left

23′ Phil Kantzos with a great run for the Lions

22′ The stoppage gave Mark Broadbent a chance to dress his side, the Lions playing with more intent now

22′ Stalker is back up and the game continues

19′ Mitchell Stalker is taken down, its not looking good for the Lions number 1

19′ Matt Pace with a great run down the right for the Zebras, however his teammate is offside

17′ Goal! The Zebras put themselves one goal in front after Jakob Sklenar followed up the Zebras attack and found the back of the net, the score now 1-0 

16′ Markaj gives the Lions a great opportunity to score from his misplaced pass

15′ The Zebras sun the ball back after a Lions attack, looking dangerous in the final third

14′ Dwayne Walsh whips in a good ball, however Sanders is offside

13′ Markaj plays a long diagonal ball, dealt with well by Trent Pearce

11: Dillion whips in another corner, Stalker does well

11′ Burt and Pace combine well on the right handsome to win the Zebras a corner

10′ Sanders attempts to find Sklenar down the middle, too much pace on the ball

9′ Jordy Muller with a great run across the pitch

7′ Riley Dillion with another corner for the Zebras, six corners in the space of a few minutes

6′ The Zebras with consecutive corners, two good chances on goal

5′ The Zebras hit the upright after a dangerous attack

3′ Pearce plays a great ball after his freekick is clear, the Lions with a good chance

3′ Phillip Kantzos wins a foul on the wing for the Lions, Pearce is set to swing in a free kick

2′ Sanders plays a great through ball to Jakob Sklenar whose shot goes over the bar from right in front

1′ Kick Off

A season defining game here at KGV with the Zebras looking to break back into the top three, whilst the Lions look to move into the six. A win for the home side today would see them equal with points with South Hobart in third spot, whilst the points will also be vital for the Lions as they look to pass the Northern Rangers and into sixth place. Kingborough will hold the upper hand mentally heading into this contest, with the ghost of their 5-0 demolition at Lightwood Park still hanging over the Zebras heads, it should be a cracking game here at KGV and both teams will be searching for the win.

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