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Hobart Zebras v Kingborough

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

 Hobart  Zebras
 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time Zebras 3 – 4 Kingborough

90′ GOAL! Davis scores from the penalty, slotting it into the net out of Bowden’s reach, despite guessing the right way. Minutes to hold onto this lead for the Lions. Zebras 3 – 4 Kingborough

89′ Penalty! A shove in the box after the corner was taken sees the ref point to the spot for a penalty.

87′ The Lions are earning consecutive corners here, but are struggling to get the ball across the face of goal. When they do the Zebras have players there.

81′ Zebras working the ball well in attack when they’re in possession, but lacking that final pass.

79′ Tatton with a chance, but hits it wide. The Lions high press is still causing problems for the Zebras.

75′ Chance! Johnson gets onto the end of a lose ball from the Lion’s defence, but Gadner stands big, blocking the initial shot, which is then deflected off her defender but luckily for the away side remains wide off the post.

75′ The temperature has been turned right up here despite the weather, both sides playing some good football and with the belief they could win it.

71′ GOAL! Quick reply again. This time it was Johnson who tore through the Lions side, for a solo effort, blasting it into the net to level the score again. Zebras 3 – 3 Kingborough

70′ GOAL! The high press sees success for the Lions, who win the ball in the box and get it to Tatton who doubles her tally for the night. Zebras 2 – 3 Lions

61′ Substitute for Zebras, Archer off for Morris. Sees the Zebras shuffle their right side and move Roberts into centre back.

56′ Kingborough substitute sees Moore off for Hickman, whose first involvement of the game looks promising, pulling off a good cross from deep in the midfield.

55′ Some really nice play amongst the Zebra’s forwards, sees the responding shot taken by Johnson, but well high of the bar

50′ The Lions still employing a high press and are seeing glimpses of success with it. Meanwhile the Zebras are seeing a bit more of the ball than they did towards the end of the first half, but are struggling to find enough to really look dangerous

46′ Johnson with the first shot of the half, but it makes itself wide off the post.

The lights are well and truly needed and it’s time to rug up a bit as the chill is getting to the air, but we’re back for the second half. Zebras start

Half Time Zebras 2 – 2 Kingborough

43 GOAL! Tatton with a beautiful solo effort, beating the Zebras midfield with pure skill and knocks it into the top corner, well out of reach of the keeper to draw her side level. Zebras 2 – 2 Kingborough

40′ The Lions still pressing a lot, searching for an equaliser before the end of the half, starting to get some shots off, but the Zebras still looking dangerous when they can clear their lines, moving forward.

30′ Johnson gets the better of her player in the midfield, to play a ball in through to Kannegiesser who puts in a good cross, deep into the area, with Berry close but unable to get a foot on it.

26′ Zebras quickly reply with a long ball themselves, which sees Kannegiesser just miss the post again

26′ long ball over the top nearly sees Davis in through on goal, but a bit of hesitation sees Mason with enough time to catch her and win the ball

21′ GOAL! Off a corner, Burt just curls the ball into the back post completely unassisted to give her side the lead for the first time tonight. Zebras 2 – 1 Kingborough

21′  A well hit shot by Johnson, and equally as good save by Gardner who pushes the ball over the post.

19′ Kannegiesser with a good chance after playing a one two with Nichols to get through on goal, but the shot’s off target.

16′ Zebras earn a foul in a dangerous area after Nichols worked hard, earning a free kick after frustrating the Lions defence. Johnson’s  shot goes well over the post

13′ Chance! For Lions, where Davis gets onto the end of a weak ball played by Mason in front of goal, to go one on one with Bowden who puts her off enough for Mason to recover by the time the shot comes off to put it out for a corner.

7′ GOAL!! Quick reply by Zebra’s, where Nichols beats the defence once again, but takes the shot herself to see in into the back of the net Zebras 1 – 1 Kingborough

6′ GOAL! Watkins wins the ball for Tatton to receive and put Davis in on goal and slot it comfortably into the back of the net. Zebras 0 – 1 Kingborough

4′ Johnson with a blazing run through the guts of the midfield, gets Nichols onto a run in on goal. The ball finds its way crossed across goal, begging for a touch to direct it in.

2′ Kannegiesser with the first shot off the match, getting behind the defence, but it slowly reaches the goal post after the Lion’s keeper leaves it thinking it was headed out.

1′ First offside of the match goes to Zebras after a ball in behind the defence sees Nichols run a bit too early.

It’s starting to get a bit chilly again, but the sun is still peaking through for just a little bit of light, even if it’s rays refuse to be near the pitch. But we’ve got kick off with the Lions starting with the ball