Slice of Cheese

Hobart Zebras v Olympia Warriors (WSL)

Sunday 17 March, 12:00pm, North Hobart

Live Stream and Live Blog Coverage from Molly Appleton

 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time Hobart Zebras 2 – 3 Olympia Warriors

95″ Scrappy here at the end, the ball pinging around the Zebras box

92″ Over the top! Nichols is in through after Burt finds her run with a chip ball. But Nichols can’t keep the ball down to find a target.

Three minutes added time.

90″ GOAL! Olympia! Mamic tidies up the second ball into the open net. Cook with the initial save on Davies shot at the near post, but Mamic’s timely run into the box sees her finish the opportunity. Hobart Zebras 2 – 3 Olympia Warriors

89″ A Warriors corner causing havoc, as Cook flaps at the overhead ball. But eventually cleared by the Zebras.

88″ Crucial challenge by Steventon to end Mamic’s chances of being free in the box.

88″ Michael cleans up the loose ball, looks to take it on herself, veering down the left hand side but can’t find the cross.

86″ Davis looking to come in again, but the offside brings an end to the chance

84″ Mason pulls out a goal saving challenge as Olympia looks to put the nail in the coffin and find a winner

83″ GOAL! Olympia! Davies takes the one touch shot after Marino pulls the cross back. The shot fumbling into the net but is what it takes to get past Cook. Hobart Zebras 2 – 2 Olympia Warriors

81″ Another chance there by Ferrier from a distance, but an easier save for Farrow there.

81″ Hulton takes a punt from range. It’s got fire behind it but Farrow deals well with the ball above her head.

79″ Williams finds space, Mason is dragged out while Williams finds the right ball. A three on three sees half a chance go amiss without being able to create anything from it.

78″ Kannegiesser was close there! Hulton puts Kannegiesser through, whilst all the ideas were there with the build up and the shot, the shot edges just wide.

77″ A Nichols dummy sees Kannegiesser down the flank, but can’t find Hulton in the centre with the resulting cross. The Warriors flick the switch and go on the attack after the turn over.

76″ A really clever ball by Michael in behind the fullback, but Marino called back for offside.

74″ Moving forward quickly, Olympia finds a ball up and over to Davies but the Zebras defence wins out

71″ A good ball puts through Davies, but Gill cuts her down before Davies can get in behind where all the space lives.

69″ Kannegiesser has pace to burn down the flank but ultimately hits the ball to far ahead of herself with it going out of play, Farrow near by.

66″ Kannegiesser is released down the right flank in behind the defence. Crossees the ball in but didn’t have the support through the centre.

65″ Nichols dribbles the ball out of traffic. Black hot on her heels but Nichols unable to find a player with her pass.

63″ A foot race between Steventon and Davis sees Cook coming off her line after being called and the keeper is timely tidying up the situation.

63″ Substitution Olympia OFF Russel ON Marino

62″ Mamic in behind there, but called for offside. Quality finish despite the flag

61″ Michael drives through the centre of the pitch, some combinations off the scraps when Michael was picked off. However they can’t build anything out of it.

60″ Olympia with a free kick in dangerous territory. Bomford with the effort but can’t bring it down

59″ Davis dances past Gill, Mason comes to cover however Gill does enough to force a corner

58″ On the other end, the Zebras find the ball out wide to Kannegiesser who takes a shot early but was never going to find a target.

56″ Playing it safe, Olympia looking to knock it side to side. One chance forward sees the ball passed right back to where it started to the defence.

54″ GOAL! Zebras! An absolute dance of a goal by Nichols. Driving through directly at goal. Traffic no problems for Nichols, who gets into scoring position and finishes it low and hard. Hobart Zebras 2 – 1 Olympia Warriors

53″ Cook again quick off her lines as Russell looks to spring her forwards through.

52″ Michael drives through, runs into traffic. Davies nearly cleans up the scraps to create an opportunity but just can’t find the space.

51″ Clever ball in between the centrebacks by Bomford, however Cook has seen enough and races off her line to clear.

51″ Nichols drives into the box, but her efforts run into traffic. Burt with the scraps, pulls off a shot but skied.

49″ Half a chance there for the Zebras. Good combinations by the ex-South players does the left, sees the ball drift to the centre to Nichols feet. But the shot is skewed wide.

47″ Nichols and Bomford challenge there in the centre of the pitch. The Zebras player win it this round but is brought to a stop by Black in the box. Both sides looking to move forward quickly with the new half

45″ Back for the second half

Substitutions: Zebras OFF Graham ON Fulton | Olympia OFF Chambers ON Flack

Half Time: Hobart Zebras 1 – 1 Olympia Warriors

One minute extra time

45″ Chambers finds some space on the left flank, but a mixture of a cross and shot winds up going wide of the post and no real threat.

43″ GOAL! Zebras! A quality penalty by Steventon sees the Zebras pull one back through the level headed penalty. Hobart Zebras 1 – 1 Olympia Warriors

43″ Penalty Zebras! Off her line, Farrow takes out the player, an advantage pulled back for the penalty.

42″ On the counter, Nichols charges forward and surges through the defence but the shot is off.

39″ Olympia pushes forward through Bomford and Mamic, but winds up finding the wall of the Zebras centre backs.

38″ Nichols charges into the box but can’t find Kannegiesser in the centre of the box.

37″ The recovery by Mason on Chambers, who looked through on goal, stops a golden opportunity.

37″ Zebras finally find themselves with a bit of possession and linking play through the midfield. But Kannegiesser is offside

35″ SAVE! Cook puts a good glove onto the shot from the free kick, and gets back to her feet to punch away the ball in the scraps.

35″ Mason puts a leg in to ground Bomford. Olympia earn a free kick in a dangerous position, very close to the penalty.

33″ GOAL! Olympia! Puli pushes up from fullback, gets on the blind side of her opposition full back and finds a chance in behind the defence. Not needing a second chance she fires it into the net, leaving Cook no chance. Hobart Zebras 0 – 1 Olympia Warriors

32″ Hulton finds the long ball and nearly does enough to get through the defence, takes an early shot but Farrow collects

31″ Bomford tries from range but easy pickings.

31″ A chance there with a driving shot for Olympia

28″ Hulton played through, finally with a good lot of service, but the shot is wide

26″ Mason tidies up after Davies dances past Gill.

24″ Hulton looked through after Burt bursts through the centre putting through a good ball. But called back for offside.

23″ A gut bursting run through the guts by Michael, nearly sees Mamic put through but with too much on the pass Mamic is only able to act as a deflection

21″ A short corner earns the Warriors half a chance there, finding Michael free in the box. A quick shot on her wrong foot sees the opportunity skied.

20″ Chambers goes down the line, this time Delaney can get a foot in and force the corner

18″ Challenge by Mason on Michael flirting forward. Michael is on the scraps and causes some more problems but Cook is quick off her line to deal with it. Olympia pressing forward searching the last 10 minutes, but the Zebras are sitting deep with tight lines between the defence and midfield to keep them at bay.

14″ Chambers jigs around Delaney, takes the shot and Mason is there to block the effort.

12″ Michael runs into the box, after Davies fangs down the flank and puts in a good cross. Michael gets a good shot off but Cook’s positioning is on point to catch the ball

11″ A free kick on the left flank near the penalty area, a shot through Williams but Cook was always going to get that.

9″ Bomford turns and runs forward with power and looked dangerous, but runs into heavy traffic in the end

9″ A sliding tackle by Mason sees her win the challenge with Mamic trying to run and find some space behind and attack goal.

7″ Nichols tries to drive forward, with options ahead tries to pick one but it’s intercepted by the Olympia defence.

6″ Michael’s runs through traffic but comes unstuck aiming for a run into the box.

5″ Mamic finds some space, slices a shot but can’t work the angles, going just wide.

4″ Hulton finds Graham on the right with space, Graham takes the shot herself but easy pickings for the keeper

2″ Davies dances forward with the ball, but between Gill and Mason they can clear.

1″ Williams wins the ball back in defence for Olympia but a long ball forward is aimless and an easy pick up for Cook.

1″ We’ve got kick off and Olympia immediately hold up the ball and liik to control the match with possession.

Players are lining up, with the Olympia mascot in tow. A stunning day here at North Hobart oval. With a minute silence for New Zealand, we’re now close to kick off.