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Hobart Zebras v South Hobart

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

 Hobart Zebras
South Hobart 
 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time: Hobart Zebras 5 – 4 South Hobart

88′ GOAL! None other but Lucy Johnson who is given a little space 25 yards out and thunders it into the back of the net to get the lead. Zebras 5 – 4 South

85′ Cross-turn-goal chance for the Zebras with Morris taking a crack from the right flank. Johnson follows up the shot but the shot well off target.

83′ Free kick, Zebras get a free kick 30 yards out, Johnson takes the hit which is punched out by the goalkeeper and the resulting rebound goes out despite landing near three Zebras players

80′ GOAL! Nichols ties the game up almost immediately after an excellent turn on the ball gives her the space to put the ball away into the net. Zebras 4 – 4 South

77′ GOAL! Mcculloch hits the shot outside the box and it somehow manages to get into the back of the net, going above Pontings head. Against the run of play, but giving South the lead for the first time in the second half. Zebras 3 – 4 South

76′ Again Johnson finds space in the centre of the back and rips a shot off, but easily dealt with by the South keeper.

75′ Substitution, Zebras bring on Alyssa Bowden for Danielle Kannegiesser

74′ Chance! Djakic gets the ball over the top of the defence with plenty of space, takes the shot on but goes wide of the post.

71′ Chance! Ferrier finds herself taking on both Zebras centrebacks, gets the better of them for the most part but chooses the wrong decision to slip the ball between the legs of Ponting, who stops the shot.

70′ Johnson takes a crack, but it isn’t high enough to really trouble Johnston in goals, who reaches to make the save.

66′ Zebras make a substitution with Lucy Macgregor coming off and Sarah Morris coming on

64′ South getting a whiff of an opportunity up front, players in the box and causes chaos in the Zebras box. Zebras looking to counter quickly in reply and missing a very good opportunity themselves with Kannegiesser finding space. The half starting to open up, with both sides wanting to attack, stretching play.

57′ Chance! A long punt off a goal kick sees Nichols run the ball down the park into the box, then pulls it back with a perfectly weighted ball to Kannegiessar, whose shot just goes wide of the post.

50′ Zebras earn a free kick on the right flank, Burt hits it into dangerous territory with players running onto it but Johnston some how deals with it, keeping the ball out of the net.

48′ Ferrier finds the chance to cut the ball in from the flank to pull off a strike, forcing Ponting into a save. The resulting corner almost causes a problem as the near post ball isn’t dealt with as smoothly as Zebras would have hoped for.

46′ GOAL! Johnson draws her side back level, after Nichols puts her in with space to move, Johnson brings the ball to the left side of the goal and places it low into the bottom corner of the goal. Zebras 3 – 3 South

We’ve back for the second half, with South Hobart starting with the ball.

Half Time: Hobart Zebras 2 – 3 South Hobart

41′ Substitution, South make an early sub with Niki Moutsatsos replacing Mary Coy.

41′ Djakic again finds space and fires off a shot, but this time it goes high, over the bar.

38′ Zebras looking to get one back since going a goal behind, seeing a lot of possession. However South look sturdy in the back, not letting any balls get through and again the pace they’ve got going forward in transition is still providing a threat.

31′ GOAL! Fader follows up Djakic’s saved shot and places it into the back of the net. South again find the lead. Zebras 2 – 3 South

28′ GOAL! Johnson finally finds space 30 yards out to chip the goalkeeper, with the  ball landing into the back on the net. Zebras 2 – 2 South

19’GOAL! Fader brings the ball down the left flank, cuts it back for Djakic, whose initial shot is blocked by Mason, but makes no doubt of the second shot, blasting it into the net. Zebras 1 – 2 South

16′ Zebras get the counter, with some nice combinations in front of the defence and Johnson thundering through, but South keeper Johnston stands strong, with the ball being dribbled to her feet to stop the chance.

15′ South get a chance to be ahead, with a dangerous cross coming in, a save by Ponting and Fader unable to put it into the net from close distance.

13′ GOAL! After Mcculloch hits the cross bar from a thundering shot, and Djakic is there for the rebound to put it into the net. Zebras 1 – 1 South

11′ Save! Djakic finds space in the middle of the box, fires a shot off but reflex save allows Ponting to keep it out

10′ Zebras enjoying a lot of possession, able to string together some good passes and moving into their attacking half well. South are looking dangerous with their pace upfront giving them some half chances so far.

5′ GOAL! Johnson gets the ball deep, runs through the guts of the field and smashes it into the net. Zebras 1 – 0 South

2′ Free kick, just on the edge of the box with Roberts being fouled. Johnson winds up for the shot but goes over the top, unable to get the ball back down from the close distance.

We’ve got kick off, Zebras start with the ball, but  South quickly win the ball back to get the first corner