Slice of Cheese

Hobart Zebras v Ulverstone

 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time Hobart Zebras 1 – 3 Ulverstone

89′ Shot from far out, with G Foote taking the hit and it sails just wide of the post.

85′ GOAL! Gorrie! Free kick for Ulverstone in a good area. G Foote lines up the shot, goes on target where Bowden spills into Gorrie’s path who knocks it home. Zebras 1 – 3 Ulverstone

84′ Zebras with a half chance, Johnson touching the ball through to Nichols who finds some space but gets promptly shut down.

83′ Gorrie chasing down another lose ball to get behind the defence, but Mason does enough to shut her down enough so the responding shot isn’t good enough to challenge for the goal.

82′ Yellow card to G Foote for kicking the ball away after the foul

81′ Again trouble with clearing from their own goal kicks, Gorrie shuts down the defender to win the ball and produce another opportunity.

79′ Chance! Ulverstone pounce on some very loose play by the Zebras defence, but Diprose’s shot going near corner which was well covered by Bowden.

78′ A double substitution for Ulverstone seeing  Ebony Sims and Susannah Blackwood-Beatie and Lear Diprose and Rachel Glover coming on.

75′ The game opening right up now as this half wears on. Both sides looking like they’re capable of something.

74′ Chance! A dicey back pass from Hardy, leaves Nichols in with a chance, but the shot hits wide of the empty net.

72′ Ulverstone working it well, getting a cross into the box, but Gorrie isn’t given enough space in the box to get much on it.

70′ Substitution for Ulverstone with Melanie Smith being replaced by Samantha Hardy

69′ Zebras working with a few players in front of Ulverstone  with Donoghue working hard and earning a corner

68′ Substitution for Zebras, with Sarah Morris coming off for Lindsay Donoghue

67′ Shot! L Foote receiving a lose ball in the middle of the field with space to pull off a thumping strike which narrowly misses, crashing into the cross bar.

65′ A through ball by Morris puts Nichols in on goal, Anderson did well to block the shot.

63′ Lucy Foote working hard to win the ball, sets off a shot that forces Bowden to reach for it, but does to prevent the goal

58′ Nichols with the first chance into the Zebras half, chasing down a long ball, but doesn’t get close enough to hit a good enough shot.

61′ Working a corner back to G Foote sees another shot off, but this time too high to hit the target. All one way traffic so far this half.

60′ Gorrie looked to be in a good position to extend her sides lead after G Foote put her through, but called offside

54′ Substitution for Ulverstone seeing Lucy James come on for Lucy Reimer, who has put in a good shift, creating some problems during the first half.

51′ GOAL! Lucy Foote doubles the lead quickly with a delightful shot aimed low and hard into the bottom corner. Zebras 1 – 2 Ulverstone

49’GOAL! Georgia Foote, after some hard work down the flank making good a high press sees the ball crossed towards goal, Mason gets a head on it, but it ends up to Foote who has an empty net to bring it home. Zebras 1 – 1 Ulverstone

49′ Tough playing conditions settling in, as the wind and rain pick up from its own half time break.

47′ Anderson  looking comfortable with the ball at her feet from a back pass, easily turning the Zebras forwards to get some space and a pass back out.

46′ Early shot from G Foote to test Bowden from distance, but Bowden comfortable gathering the ball

Back for the second half, with Ulverstone starting with the ball

Half Time Zebras 1 – 0 Ulverstone

45′ Foul for Zebras against Johnson sees some unhappy reactions, but the responding foul taken and hit right at the Keeper Anderson.

43′ Some nice play by Ulverstone in the top third sees L Foote hit a good strike at goal, but it’s too close to the keeper so saved.

39′ Zebras looked to release the ball early to Morris but Nellis puts in a sliding lunge to get a touch first and to clear out of play. Morris taking a heavy hit and getting off a little worse for wear from the challenge.

38′ L Foote crosses the ball over into the box where a waiting combo of Gorrie and G Foote wind up playing with the ball too much, allowing the Zebras defence to get a bit at it and clear the lines before a shot happens.

34′ A brilliant through ball by Roberts sees the midfield and backline cut out of play, with Kannegiesser through on goal but the shot doesn’t get on frame.

31′ GOAL! Burt makes the most of a goalkeeper mistake, seeing Anderson left in no mans land and Burt hit the ball into the back of the net. Completely against the run of play. Zebras 1 – 0 Ulverstone

29′ Lucy Foote wins the ball near the top of the box and sends it back across the face of goal, no one able to get a foot on it, but Smith able to fire a shot going just off target.

24′ Nichols working well pestering Ulverstone’s defence, despite often being isolated when the ball finally makes it’s way to her. Her latest efforts earning a free kick near the half way line

21′ A Zebras goal kick weakly intended for Mason, sees Reimer pounce onto the ball, but doesn’t get enough behind the ball so into the hands of Bowden in the end

21′ Lucy Foote with another chance, going wide of the goals

20′ Both sides struggling to break down the respective defences here, whilst the midfield is seeing a lot of easy turn overs or misplaced passes, both defences are holding strong and dealing with every oncoming threat

15′ Shot from distance by Georgia Foote, sees the ball swing just wide of the post. Ulverstone are comfortably in control here, pulling some good passes together, seeing the majority of possession.

12′ A delightful ball from Johnson to get McGregor into a dangerous position, but a sliding tackle prevents anything from happening, turning it out for a corner instead.

8′ Some easy give aways here by Zebras, not able to get the ball to a player in the midfield, with the wind making it hard. Lucy Foote and Reimer looking to create something with the turn overs.

4′ A loss in the middle of the pitch by McGregor, sees Gorrie go one on one with Bowden, but keeper Bowden is quick to get to the ball and clear.

3′ First shot on goal by Lucy Foote goes well over the post, but Ulverstone did well there to recycle the play and get a second attempt

The rain is started and Zebras start with the kick off