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Kingborough Lions v Northern Rangers


Live Blog Coverage From Daniel Webb

 Shots On
 Shots Off

90′ Full Time Kingborough 5 defeat Rangers 2

93′ Goal Lions! James Hall is played through by Verdouw and Chips Smith to put his side 5-2 up

90′ The Lions win a late freekick

90′ Thaunhauser with a shot going over the bar

87′ The Rangers win a corner

86′ Bake does well to set up Cowen who skies his shot

85′ Hall with a shot saved from distance

83′ Bastock does well to win the ball

82′ Substitute for the Rangers, Ngor coming off for Burk

81′ The Lions win a freekick on the right

80′ O’Connell with a great save to deny the Rangers, gifting them another corner

78′ Conor Bastock coming on for Jacob Calvert

77′ End to end stuff here, with both sides having possession

74′ Smith does well to stop a Danny Cowen shot

73′ A tussle between O’Connell and Nick L.A. in the goal mouth over the ball threatens to boil over

72′ Goal Rangers! The visitors get one back after Thaunhauser found Daniel Cristy at the top of the box, the score is now 4-2 

70′ The Lions win a corner

69′ Thaunhauser finds himself offside

68′ Verdouw looks to get his hatrick, Smith does well

67′ Baker with a shot that looks sure to be going input Burk clears off the line

67′ Cheese! Pat L.A. picks up some Cheddar 

65′ James Hall with a good run into the box, Rangers do well

63′ Thaunhauser with a shot from distance, going wide

62′ The Rangers with a good counter attack and the ball almost going in from the corner

60′ Ngor with a shot, saved well by O’Connell

60′ Substitute for the Rangers, Humphrey on for Mccallumsmith

59′ Matthew Youd with a shot going over the bar from distance

59′ Baker hits the post, unlucky not to score

58′ Baker with some good skill

57′ Calvert with a shot going wide

57′ Cheese! Lucas picks up some Cheddar and the Lions win a freekick in the corner 

55′ Substitute for the lions, William Davis coming on for the injured Zammit

55′ Nick L.A. wins his side a corner after a great ball from Harry T

54′ Lucas with a shot going wide from distance

52′ A stoppage in play as Zammit is taken to the side of the field due to injury

51′ Verdouw almost gets his hatrick with his shot going wide

50′ Pat L.A. with another good run into the box

47′ The flag is raised on the lions for offside

46′ The Lions opening the half with 10 men as Zammit comes out of the rooms to come back on

45′ Half Time Substitute, Odaine Demar coming on for Cooper

45′ Second Half Underway 

A good half of football with both sides having chances. Of the two sides the Lions used theirs better, seeing them go into the half in the box seat to win the game. However the Rangers are still in the contest and if they start to convert their chances they may get something from this game.

45′ Half time 

45′ A freekick to the Lions on the top of the box, James Hall over the ball

45′ A Rangers with free on the half way line

43′  Goal Lions! Lewis Verdouw gets his second as he rises to meet Baker’s corner like Ronaldo, heading the ball into the goal and putting his side 4-1 up

42′ James Hall is brought down on the edge of the area, giving Baker a freekick in a very dangerous spot

39′ Nick L.A. attempts to find Ngor but the ball goes long

38′ Nick L.A. whips in a freekick, delta with well by the Lions

36′ Pat L.A. with a great run, his shot being blocked

34′ Goal Lions! Lewis Verdouw pounces on Smith’s mistake and hits his shot into the goal, putting the Lions 3-1 up

34′ O’Connell meets the Rangers freekick

33′ Pat and Nick L.A. combine with a one two, O’Connell does well

31′ The Rangers with a set piece now, dealt with by the Lions

30′ Cowen meets Bakers cross with his head, hitting wide

29′ The Lions win a freekick on the right wing, a dangerous area

27′ Pat L.A. is brought down, winning his side a freekick

25′ Cheese! Nick L.A. collides with O’Connell and picks up some cheddar 

25′ The Rangers attacking well and almost scoring, but the Lions defence holds up

24′ Goal Lions! The home side hit the front after Cowen converts the penalty, the score is now 2-1

23′ Penalty! Baker follows up his own shot and it hits the hand of a Rangers defender, seeing the referee point to the spot 

22′ Zammit does well to prevent an LA cross

22′ Baker tests Smith from distance

19′ Goal Lions! David Cooper does well to pressure Rangers keeper Smith after a defensive mixup and equalises for his side 

17′ Baker finds Pearce whose shot goes wide

15′ Baker with a good cross, no teammates in the middle

14′ Nick L.A. and Ngor combine well

13′ Cooper tests the keeper but Smith does well

12′ Adar Ngor shows his pace as he wins the Rangers an attacking throw

11′ The ball is played back to O’Connell who has to clear early after pressure from Nick L.A.

10′ The Rangers with a powerful shot but straight to O’Connell

9′ Smith does well to stop Baker’s corner

8′ Baker wins the Lions a corner after a good run down the left

7′ Goal! The Rangers go one goal up after Nick L.A. converts the penalty, the score is now 1-0

6′ Penalty! Pat L.A. is brought down after cutting into the box, winning the Rangers a penalty 

4′ The Lions win a freekick on the halfway line

3′ Thannhauser with a good ball to Ngor

3′ The Lions win a freekick on the left wing, Calvert over the ball

2′ Timothy Baker with a shot from the top of the box, going wide

1′ Adhar Ngor with good early pressure for the Rangers

1′ Kick Off

A huge game here at the Den with the Kingborough Lions and Northern Rangers fighting for 6th place on the ladder. The Lions are coming off an exciting 3-2 win against Clarence whilst the Rangers will be looking to improve on their 7-0 loss to Devonport. It should be a cracking game however the strong Lightwood Park breeze may have an impact.

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