Slice of Cheese

Kingborough Lions v Riverside Olympic

Saturday 16 March, 2:30pm, Lightwood Park

Live Blog Coverage from Daniel Thurley

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full Time: Kingborough Lions 2-1 Riverside Olympic.

A classy finish from Danny Cowen means the Lions go two wins from three games thanks to today’s 2-1 scoreline. Riverside had their chances but they will feel they have some work to do before next week’s all Northern clash against Launceston City. Kingborough will be happy to take the points but might have some finishing work coming up this week after seeing so many great chances go to waste. In a game that could have been filled with goals, it ends 2 goals to 1 in favour of the Lions down here at the Den.  

90’+3 Heart in mouth moment for Kingbourough fans as Kinslow is allowed to shoot and test Stalker, only to be relieved by the sight of the linesman’s flag, offside is the call.

90′ +2 Slice of Cheese! James Hall gets booked for delaying his shot until well after the referee blows for offside.

87′ SUB: Brennan off, Schuth on in Kingborough’s final change of the match.

85′ Crossbar! As expected, Chris Downes steps up to take the free kick and his curled effort strikes the crossbar!

84′ Slice of Cheese! Luca Vigilante is shown the cheddar for some choice words after a foul is awarded to Kingborough 20 yards from goal.

81′ James Hall has a half chance at the back post as he gets on the end of an over hit cross but his effort is put wide by a fine reaction save from Hill. He’s been great in the sticks for Riverside.

80′ SUB: Riverside centre back Ethan Olner goes down with cramp and his day is over as Michael Monticchio comes on in his place.

77′ Brennan turns provider as he plays in substitute James Hall but his touch is heavy and Riverside get away with one.

75′ Chance! Douce and Brennan again link up, the full-back delightfully cuts inside and plays in Brennan at the top of the 18 but his shot skips off the turf and rebounds out off the post. It seemed to be a goal until it took the bounce.

72′ SUB: Tom Prince comes off for Riverside after going down with cramp and his replacement is Will Coert.

Will Humphrey and Rhys Kinslow swapped positions for the beginning of this half which had Kinslow lining up on the left side of attack. They’ve since swapped back and Riverside look more promising with Kinslow able to hold up the ball and introduce more team-mates to the attack. 

69′ SUB: Right on cue it’s Tom McDonald replacing Danny Cowen, who I’m being told has been sick through the week explaining the skipper’s early departure.

Kingborough opted for youth over experience in today’s starting line-up but since the beginning of this half we’ve started to see Tom McDonald and Joel Schuth warming up for the home side. 

64′ SUB: Mitchell Jones replaces Simon Lucas for Riverside.

61′ A fast break from Kingborough is broken down by Riverside who respond by gifting possession back to Kingborough, who in turn gift it straight back to Riverside. This end to end passage could have lead to goals on all accounts from both sides but in the theme of the game so far, neither could capitalise.

55′ SUB: Kingborough’s Phil Kantzos makes way for James Hall

54′ Goal! Kingborough 2-1 Riverside! More of the same for the Lions as Danny Cowen gets on the end of a Keenan Douce cross but this time the result is a goal. Cowen somehow reaches back and guides his header into the far post. A stunning effort from the Kingborough striker.

52′ Riverside register their second shot on target through a tame Humphrey effort.

46′ Second half resumes

Half Time: Kingborough Lions 1-1 Riverside Olympic.

Somehow Riverside find themselves level at the break, while Kingborough will be wondering how they didn’t make more of a bright first half. Plenty of shots, many of which seemed sure to be goals but not for the lack of effort, they just can’t find the net. Danny Cowen had a quiet first 10 minutes but came to life in the closing stages and despite missing the target on a few attempts he’ll be confident coming into the break that the chances will keep coming. If Ethan Olner is Riverside’s stand-out player of the first half then the combining Jacob Brennan and Keenan Douce would be joint stand-outs for the Lions. They’ve seemed unplayable at times in this first 45 minutes and as Keenan gets more confident going forward, Riverside will struggle against the pace and creativity of himself and Brennan. 

From Riverside’s point of view they’ll be looking to get Kinslow into the game a bit more after he had a promising start to the game. It’s all to play for in the second half as both sides go into the break at a goal apiece. 

44′ The clearance comes straight back into the 18-yard box and at the far post Danny Cowen attempts a first-time shot that sails high over the bar.

44′ Keenan Douce is getting adventurous from right full-back and has another chance to find out a team-mate 18-yards out but his pass is cleared away from danger.

40′ Chance! Gutierrez has chance to score again but in attempting to score at the near post, pulls his shot into the woodwork and out for a goal kick. Lions can’t capitalise on their creativity at the moment.

39′ Chance! Jacob Brennan plays a delightful 20 yard pass into the stride of Danny Cowen advancing past the penalty spot but a brilliant tackle from Mitch Roberts means Cowen’s contact isn’t enough to beat Hill.

After a busy last 10 minutes the game has gone quiet again now. Riverside should be extremely thankful of centre back and early standout Ethan Olner who is largely responsible for taming the Lions in the final third, he has crucially intervened a number of times to the relief of Jarrod Hill in goal.  

28′ Chance! Danny Cowen has found his feet in this last 10 minutes and he again has a chance to score. A Douce cross is deflected at the front post and seems to float for an age before taking a bounce and being met by Cowen who slices his effort high into the arms of Hill. Cowen can smell a goal coming it seems.

24′ Chance! Kingborough string together possibly their best move of the game and Danny Cowen is released down the right side of the 18-yard box. If not for Olner’s sliding intervention it could well have been 2-1.

21′ Gutierrez, full of confidence from his earlier goal tests out Hill from range but his shot is parried to the right. It’s really starting to open up here now.

17′ Chance! Brennan has a brilliant opportuniy to put the Lions ahead but finds himself with too much time while one on one with Hill and hits his effort straight at the ‘keeper.

14’ Goal! Kingborough 1-1 Riverside! A Phil Kantzos through ball gets cut out by an outstretched Riverside leg but Gutierrez is there to touch inside and score off the back post.

13′ Chance! Kinslow again finds himself in on goal after a tidy touch takes him past Cuthbertson but his second touch takes it into the hands of Stalker.

9′ Goal! Kingborough 0-1 Riverside! After an opening 9 minutes of solid defending, Riverside are rewarded with some luck as Rhys Kinslow pounces on a stray pass and confidently puts it away to give the visitors the lead.

It’s a cagey start to the game so far as Riverside are being pinned back in their own half however Kingborough look reluctant to commit too many players to the attack. The result is a lot of back and forward with little intent. 

4′ Some hopeful shouts for handball from the Kingborough players get turned down by referee Brendan Kopra. Lions with two shots on goal so far but neither are troubling for Riverside shot-stopper Jarrod Hill.

1′ Kick Off

In a beautiful day for football at the sun bathed Lightwood Park we have Kingborough Lions playing host to NPL newcomers Riverside Olympic. Despite being Round 4 this is only the second time we have seen this Riverside team after the postponed Round 1 fixtures and their bye last week, however after a loss to the Knights in their NPL debut they’re still chasing their first points. Kingborough will be looking to improve their positive start to the season, with a closely contested loss to South Hobart and a dominant win against Clarence seeing them with 3 points from a possible 6. With kick-off not far away, both sides will fancy their chances in what should be a well-contested affair.     


Kingborough Lions: Brennan, Cowen, Cuthbertson, Douce, Downes, Easton, Gutierrez Jr, Kantzos, Smithies-Sharples, Stalker, Zammit
Subs: Davis, Hall, McDonald, Muir, Schuth

Riverside Olympic: Campbell, Davis, Gilmore, Hill, Humphrey, Jago, King, Kinslow, Olner, Roberts, Vigilante
Subs: Coert, Monticchio, Murfet, Prince