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Kingborough Lions v South Hobart (WSL)

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

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Full Time Kingborough 0 – 2 South Hobart

87′ South having the better of play in the last 10 minutes or so, the Lions at times look to build something but haven’t managed to find it or go looking enough for it.

76′ Some very good link up play for South, with the ball eventually making its way to the middle, with Djakic in some space, but the shot goes wide.

73′ The Lions win a free kick in a good position but Tatton shoots right at the keeper, not making the most of the opportunity.

71′ A run down the right flank by Djakic sees a cross, come shot palmed out by Gardner

70′ Lots of play stuck in the middle of the park again, South having the better of play, comfortably controlling the tempo.

60′ Saved! Davies wins the second ball, after doing a lot of work to set up the initial shot and pulls off a decent shot, but it’s saved by Johnston

56′ Save from McKay’s head, as Choi takes a hit from a misdirected Lions freekick taken by the keeper, leaving the goal square empty.

50′ The Lions having a bit of a spell, having the better of the midfield, but South’s defence remains as a brick wall.

46′ GOAL Djakic stepped up for the penalty and punts it to the left hand side into the back of the net, with Gardner left stranded. Kingborough 0 – 2 South

46′ PENALTY South, a hand ball in the box has a penalty called

The lights have come one and we have kick off for the second half

Half Time Lions 0 – 1 South

39′ Near miss! Gardner punts the ball the length of the field for Moore to get in on goals, but the shot goes wide by a whisker.

35′ First corner of the evening for the Lions, despite making it to the front post the ball is easily cleared and of no danger.

30′ Both sides seeing a lot of the ball, whilst not being too threatening on goal. Since the goal, South are the team looking the more confident, with the Lions early high press no longer looking as threatening as it did early in the half.

25′ Pishon Choi finds some space right in front of goal, but Gardner does well to get hands on it and guides the ball out for a corner

22′ A heavy collision on the right flank leaves Christabelle Moore flat on the ground after the heavy knock, she’s now got up and hopefully will get back on the pitch.

21′ The Lions get a one on one with the keeper, and despite the ball going under her, the ball somehow gets on the end of a South foot and away from danger.

20′ Some lovely work and link up play in the middle of the field for South, with Coy being the instigator and Nikki Moutsatsos pulling a shot off that goes right at the keeper.

14′ Looked like another one there for half a moment with a shot from a South winder going just wide off the post.

12′ GOAL South Hobart! They get the break and Eliane Fader slips what was meant to be a cross into the mixer, but a fundle by Lion’s keeper sees the ball dawdle over the line for a goal

12′ Some really good play down the left hand side by Emilli Tatton, who crosses it in to Laura Davies who heads it just wide.

7′ Kingborough win a dangerous foul to the right of the penalty area.  The resulting kick just wide off the post by Isabelle Dadswell.

5′ South looking to utilize their crossing ability with Eliane Fader putting some through, yet no success finding space in the middle to get in on goal

3′ Some end to end action here, but Kingborough with the first quality shot on frame, after Samantha Watkins neatly threaded the ball through to her forwards.

Kick off, South Hobart start with the ball

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