Slice of Cheese

Kingborough v Clarence

Live Blog Coverage From Andrew Cooling

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Full Time: Kingborough 3-2 Clarence

A remarkable win that, Clarence lost their heads at the end with victory staring them in the face. They’ve stolen defeat from the jaws of victory. Credit to the Lions for their fight though.

90+4′ GOAL! Voss gets a big hand to the Cowen penalty, but can’t keep it out! 3-2 Lions!

90+3′ RED CARD AND PENALTY! Rebel brings down Hall in the box, its his second yellow and the Lions have the chance to win it at the death.

90′ Slice of Cheese! Cooper into the book for pushing into Voss after he had claimed the ball.

88′ GOAL! 2-2! And the man advantage tells! Schuth crosses from the left, and I think thats an own goal against Voss, not convinced Cowen got a touch, but his presence has drawn the mistake from the keeper and it slips through him and in. 

87′ HUGE SAVE, Demar’s free kick is right on the money but a diving Voss palms it away at full extension.

87′ RED CARD! Hedge didn’t get the ball that time! He brings down Kantzos and the Reds will see the game out with 10 men.

85′ A dangerous Baker corner leads to a nervy moment but Hedge slides in to take it away from Pearce. Pearce wants a penalty, but Hedge quite clearly got the ball first.

83′ Cooper on for Verdouw.

80′ A brilliant cross from wide on the right from Herweynen picks out Verdouw who nods over.

76′ Snell turns Demar with style then plays a through ball but O’Connell is off his line like a flash and clears.

75′ Baker fashions a shot from the top of the box but it’s over the top.

74′ Clarence sat back pretty deep at this point, content to protect their lead, then look to use the pace of Snell and Soukray on the counter.

70′ The Lions perhaps guilty of over playing there, Kantzos shot gets charged down in the box by Hedge,

69′ Sanchez hits a curler from distance that takes some saving, but O’Connel is up to the task.

65′ Wide! Rebel has an unmarked header in the box but he cannot direct it goanward,

63′ Kannegiesser comes on for Stuart, who hasn’t recovered from a knock he copped early on, soldiered on but has been clearly hampered.

62′ Cowen is denied by a wonderful kick save from Voss, stuck out the leg and keeps his side ahead.

60′ Cowen blazes well over the crossbar as he tries to force the issue. Clarence looking pretty comfortable in defence just at this moment in time.

52′ Sanchez with a drive from the angle that O’Connell does well to get down to and cover.

50′ Save! Voss does well to deny Cowen’s attempt from the angle.

46′ Broadbent ringing in the changes, Odaine Demar comes on for Di Martino, he will play at CB with Cowen pushing back up front. Hall on for Calvert.

Half Time: Kingborough 1-2 Clarence 

45+2′ Cheese! Ercan with an awfully late challenge, scything down Zammit from behind.

44′ GOAL! 2-1! Snell! Finishes off a delightful move, Ercan played a lovely cross field ball to spring Soukray who charged forwards and then put it on a platter. Brilliant counter attacking football!

40′ Verdouw tries an ambitious chip and skies it well over.

38′ GOAL! 1-1! Kantzos ties it up! A well taken finish from the winger as he was picked out from the cross.

37′ Verdouw with a nice run down the left and plays a dangerous ball across the face that can’t pick anyone out.

35′ Slice of Cheese! An awful challenge from Reibel leaves Kantzos on the deck and in pain.

33′ Great save from a back peddling Voss to keep out Pearce’s long range curler.

27′ Di Martino combines well with Calvert to win a corner, their 5th of the half.

23′ SAVE! Voss with a great reaction save to deny a powerful Calvert drive.

18′ Clarence carve through the Lions, attacking with speed by Stuart’s shot finds the side netting.

17′ Pearce just overhits his free kick to the back post and can’t pick out a target.

15′ GOAL! 1-0! Clarence! Against the run of play but what a beauty of goal. Ercan finds room at the top of the box and curls an effort into the top window.

12′ The Lions doing all of the attacking so far in this game and have had a few early corners but Clarence thus far holding out. Interesting to see Danny Cowen lining up as a centre half.

7′ Lions denied twice! Two blocks on the line, the second by Voss who gathers it his chest. Lions on top early going.

6′ A Pearce corner is punched off the line by Voss.

1′ Kick off, we are underway, at 6:07pm.


Lions: Zammit, Schuth, Cowen, Herweynen, Di Martino, Pearce, Calvert, Kantzos, Verdouw, Baker SUBS: Bastock, Cooper, Hall, Hayers,

Clarence: Voss, Soukray, Price Sanchez, Palmer, O’Neill, Hedge Ercan, Reibel, Stuart, Snell SUBS: Dyson, Hatcher, Kannegiesser, Lange,

Lightwood Park is set to light up again as the Kingborough Lions play host to Clarence down at the Den. It’s a battle of the cellar dwellers and whilst no relegation threat looms until next season, you can be sure both teams will be playing as if their survival depends on it. Finishing last is something nobody wants and both sides are aware this game is their best chance at points. The Lions put in a good fight against the Zebras last week before falling short, a trend which has haunted them this season. Clarence, who needed an improved performance, may not have got the result, but they did create more scoring chances for the game than their opponents. It was a step in the right direction and this week gives them an opponent they have already taken a point from this year, as they seek to show they are headed in the right direction.