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Kingborough v Clarence

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

 Shots On
 Shots Off


Final Kingborough 1 – 2 Clarence

90′ Another shot ripped from a distance, but Gardner punches out it out  for a corner. The resulting corner causes some issues but ultimately cleared.

82′ Harrison getting a lot of the ball the ball down the flank, creating chances, the latest a cross in to Grzinic whose shot ends up deflected out for a corner.

81′ Tatton gets another shot off, winning the ball at the top of the box but it just goes over the post.

79′ Shot! Tatton gets onto the end of a second ball outside of the box, aims for the bottom corner but Vanderniet gets fingertips to put it out for a corner

72′ GOAL! Harrison got onto the end of an O’Brien free kick, Gardiner gets hands on the initial shot but Harrison follows up to put it into the back of the net. Lions 1 – 2 Clarence

70′ The game’s starting to open up, with both sides keen to get the winning goal.

67′ Watkins goes down the left flank to cross the ball in, but Vanderniet collects and despite the fumble deals with the situation.

65′ Davis turns the defender on the last player, gets a shot off but Vanderneit stands strong. Clarence quickly respond with, with Wilson carrying the ball into the box, a mistake by Gardiner but the Lions defence clears the ball just in time.

62′ Lions getting some chances off through crosses, but the ball keeps getting diverted before it can hit the net

60′ Kingborough get a dangerous free kick from deep, players in the box, a head gets it, but the ball goes out for a corner. The resulting corner is hit by Iseli but comfortably stopped by Vanderniet.

52′ GOAL! Lions, Tatton puts the ball into the back of the net after Watkins does well to win the ball in the midfield to feed it through to Tatton for a one on one with Vanderniet, Vanderniet stands strong but Tatton’s shot is too good and even deflected goes in the back of the net. Lions 1 – 1 Clarence

45′ Clarence looking to play how they finished the first, get the ball to Harrison 20-25 yards out to rip a shot off. First shot of the half goes over the bar.

The lights are on, players ready and we’ve got the second half upon us.

Half Time Kingborough 0 – 1 Clarence

44′ Laura Davis turns Newell as the last player and works in the box with Tatton to get a shot off, but Vanderniet dives to keep it out of the net.

43′ SAVE! Gardner gets fingertips on another long range effort from Harrison, who pounced on a defensive error to get the shot off.

36′ Free kick, Watkins gets taken out at the edge of the box, Dadswell lines it up, the cross gets a touch on it by Iseli but goes wide

35′ GOAL! Clarence, Harrison winds up a long range shot and hits the top of the goal, after going through the hands of Gardiner. Lions 0 – 1 Clarence

31′ Shot from a short corner from Harrison, but hits the netting.

30′ Long distance shot by Harrison, Gardiner looked to have it comfortably but fumbled it out to conceded a corner

23′ Tatton gets in through, beats two defenders and runs towards the box to get the shot off, but Vanderniet makes a comfortable save.

22′ Harrison gets a break through the centre of the park, but Gardner stands strong

19′ Davis gets a shot off after being put into the box by De Smit

14′ Watkins made a good run down the left flank for Tatton, but it was cleared by the Clarence defence

5′ Both teams looking to attack here from the start. Despite Clarence looking the brighter initially, it’s the Lions who are getting forward more already, however much of their play is being limited to the right flank.

The rain’s got no idea whether it’s going to be settling in, or going for this game, but we have kick off, with Clarence to take it.