Slice of Cheese

Kingborough v Hobart Zebras (NPL)

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full Time: Kingborough 5-0 Hobart Zebras

77′ All one way traffic now, this has been an even more dominant period of play despite them not adding to their lead, the Zebras look completely rattled and are going through the motions, baying for the final whistle.

61′ GOAL! 5-0! Didn’t catch the scorer there but the procession continues, five for the Lions. Disaster for the Zebs.

57′ The Zebras have had the better of the last few minutes but they are surely out of this. They’ve had a host of corners but have been unable to make anything of them.

47′ GOAL! 4-0! Chris Downes has a brace. They start the second half as they finished the first, another goal for the Kingborough Lions and the Zebras looked absolutely stunned here. What a turn up this is proving, a stunning turn of events. 


42′ GOAL! 3-0! WOW! The Lions stunning the Zebras here and they lead 3-0 just before half time. Downes curls in a trademark free kick.

37′ 2-0! The Lions have two in as many minutes as Joel Schuth fires home.

35′ GOAL 1-0! Timothy Baker pounces on an error at the back and strikes home the opener.

33′ Both teams trading corners but still a lack of quality in the final third so far.

20′ Zebras now working their way on top and creating some chances. They’ve had a few corners and a couple of shots but nothing that’s overly  tested Stalker.

13′ The Lions are getting on top here and really taking it to the Zebras, they’ve had more of the ball and looked the more likely side so far, with French already called into action once to make a big save.

7′ Pretty even opening to this game but no chances for either side yet.

5′ Downes swings in a dangerous free kick that is eventually repelled by the Zebs.

1 Kick off, the Safari derby is underway.


Lions: Baker, Cowen, Desouza, Di Martino, Downes, Herweynen, Kantzos, Kenyi, Schuth, Stalker, Zammit SUBS- Buga, Easton, Lokoes

Zebras: Backhouse, Charuza, Clark, French, Hey, Muller, Pace, Robinson, Sanders, Sklenar, Van Doorne, Subs- Ackerly, Burt, Mckeown, Pullen, Reid

The first edition of the Safari Derby is set to take place here at the Den. The Lions have really turned things around after a tough 2017. They came close to upsetting the Warriors last week after claiming a draw with South Hobart the round prior. Late goals against have cost them 2 out of 3 weeks, so maintaining that discipline for 90 minutes is their challenge. And a challenge it will be against the highly potent Hobart Zebras attack. This game is all about Gabriel Markaj’s return to the Den, after his tumultuous period in charge of the Lions came to an unceremonious end here last year. He now comes back at the helm of the Zebras with a point to prove and top spot currently in tow. There should be plenty of feeling in this one down at the Den and it’s a game that looks a lot tougher now than it did a month ago for the ladder leaders.