Slice of Cheese

Kingborough v Olympia

Live Blog Coverage From Paul Hunt

 Shots On
 Shots Off

94′ – Full Time. Olympia 4, Kingborough 0.

91′ – Hall now falls flat on his face. A symbol of today’s match for the Lions.

89′ – GOAL! N’koso with the hat trick! Hugeeeee long ball from Johnson, N’koso challenges O’Connell, wins the ball and slots in the back of the net. The match ball will go home with N’Koso tonight.

87′ – Ortmann off, Curtis on. Game being played a a fairly pedestrian pace since 65′ minute mark.

85′ – Lovely bit of silky skill from Baker, beats 2 players and draws the foul. free kick 20 yards out.

81′ – Hall off, Vivarelli on for the Lions. Not a whole lot happening here at the Den the past 10 minutes

73′ – Sub for Olympia – Wadawu off, Mulungala On

72′ – Subs galore here – Vandermay off for Little, Herweynen off for Will Davis, Belsted for Joe Davis

69′ – Keeper throw in alert!

64′ – Game has come to a standstill here as the referees have a chat. Hall and Sammut both end up with slices of Cheese from this incident. Saw Sammut raise an arm out of the corner of my eye, but nothing concrete.

59′ – GOAL! N’Koso pounces on a loose clearane from Schuth, and knocks in under the keeper for 3-0.

50′ – Holmes headers wide. He is everywhere in this game.

47′ – CHEEEEESE! A deserved cheese for Alex Holmes there. Average sliding challenge.

46′ – And we are under way

Whilst the goal stats show a clear advantage to Olympia in that half, it was more comfortable rather than dominant. Kingborough will be hoping to come out with a renewed sense of purpose in the second half, having been on the back foot for most of the half.

Half-Time – Kingborough 0 – 2 Olympia

46′ – N’Koso rifles wide after a mistake from Zammit. Olympia having more shots on the Lion’s goal so far (no joke)

43′ – N’Koso rifles wide after a mistake from Zammit. Olympia having more shots on the Lion’s goal so far

40′ – Neither side controlling the game. Kingborough are pushing for a goal before half-time but the Olympia defence is standing tall.

33′ – GOAL! N’koso with the absolute goal sneak, of all goal sneak. Free Kick swung in to the back post, Hill knocks back into the mixer, to the head of Holmes. This header is on target, but N’Koso knocks it home from 70cm out, just to make sure. Hope Holmes hasn’t got a goal bonus written into this contract!

26′ – Wadawu should of scored! Lovely 1-2 between N’koso, and Wadawu, Wadawu had time for a touch, instead hits it whilst off balance a trickles to O’Connell. Should of done better.

22′ – N’koso breaks free down the left-hand side, looks up, and it’s all Lions shirts in the box. Eventually falls to Ortmann 30 yards out, and his shot falls harmlessly wide.

16′ – GOAL! Fairly slow build-up as Castenada tries to probe his way through the Lion’s defence, the ball falls to Joel Sammut, playing at left-back, who rifles a long range shot into the bottom corner from 27 yards out. Great strike from the defender, and it’s 1-0 Olympia.

8′ – Corner swung in, Vandermay volleys it out of the air, slight miscue, falls to Holmes who can’t quite turn it home. Probably wanted it to fall to anyone else rather than the big cuddler.

5′ – MISS OF THE SEASON CONTENDER. 2 yards out, open goal, and Chapparo blazes is miles over with goal at his mercy. Feel like putting that on Sportscenter’s Not Top 10

1 – And we are underway!

A glorious day here at The Den. Most punters would probably like to be at Kingston Beach ona day like this, but both teams have a point to prove . Olympia are without import Gordy Gurson for this match, and for the rest of the season has he prepares for the upcoming NASL season. Kingborough also lose a player to America, with Louis Verdouw moving back stateside. Otherwise, it’s a case of giving the youngsters a run, as both sides look towards next season


Kingborough Coach Mark Broadbent has stated a goal of reeling in Olympia, and so they must win this game if they have any chance of doing so. With the gap at 8 points, even with a win that would seem unlikely, as Olympia appear on their own island in fifth spot as it stands. A win for Kingborough would move them ahead of Rangers into sixth, which would seem a more realistic target for them. Over the past 7 weeks, the Lions have played each side in the competition and held their own in each of those games, but competitive losses don’t get you points which is why the Lions are currently seventh. It’s been a similar story for Olympia who have had some decent performances against the top sides, such as last week against Devonport, but they’ve not been able to take points from them. They remain undefeated against sides below them though and have beaten the Lions in their two clashes so far this year.