Slice of Cheese

Kingborough v Tarooona- Statewide Cup Final

Live Blog Coverage From Daniel Webb

 Shots On
 Shots Off

90′ Full Time Taroona are the Womens Statewide Champions, defeating the Kingborough lions 3 goal to 1 in what was a fantastic game of football 

90′ Tolman with a good attack for the Pirates

90′ Goal! Adelyn Aton with a fantastic hit from well outside the box, putting Taroona 3 -1 up

90′ The Referee signals three minutes added time

89′ The Lions win a late corner, Hickman unlucky the ball going out of play

88′ Lily Holton with a brilliant run for Taroona, defended well for the lions

86′ The Lions header goes just wide after Hickman whips the ball in

85′ Substitue for the lions, Lelia Hickman on for De Smit

86′ Watkins and Tatton almost score for the Lions

85′ Another counter attack from the Lions, defended well by Eloise Dick

84′ Gardner with another good win of the ball

83′ The Lions with some great pressure on Taroona’s defence

81′ Lucas with a huge save for Taroona, Davis almost equalising the game

80′ Davis with another dangerous run, the Lions are really pushing for the equaliser here

79′ Hulton hits the crossbar, with a great chance for Taroona

78′ The Lions are pushing for the equaliser here, looking dangerous

78′ Watkins with another dangerous attack for the Lions

77′ Davis with a great one two for the Lions

76′ Substitute for Taroona, Mia Cane coming on for Eliza Cropp

74′ Tatton looking dangerous up front for the Lions

74′ Watkins with another dangerous run for the Lions

73′ Aton almost finds Tolman for the Pirates

71′ Substitute for the Lions, Christabelle Moore coming off for Ashleigh Hale

70′ Gardner with another great save to keep her side in the contest

69′ Sami Watkins with a brilliant run down the left hand side, unlucky not to see her team equalise

68′ Clifford with a solid challenge to prevent a Taroona cross

67′ Holton almost gives Taroona another with a great chance on goal

66′ Substitue for Taroona, Adelyne Aton coming on for Merinda Minstrel, who has played a great game in the middle so far

62′ Goal Kingborough! The Lions find their first of the match with Laura Davis hitting the back of the net, the score is now Taroona 2 Kingborough 1 

61′ Zoe Horgan hits the upright as Taroona continue to push for a third goal

60′ Cropp with a good chance on goal

59′ Taroona’s freekick finds its way past Olivia Gardner to be saved on the goal by McKay

58′ Horgan sowing some great skills to find her way out fo trouble

57′ Taroona with another dangerous attack, Olivia Gardner collecting the ball well again

54′ Eliza Cropp with a brilliant run for the Pirates, forcing Gardner to make consecutive saves

52′ Gardner plays a long ball to find Davis, who wins the attacking throw for the Lions

50′ Laura Davis with a fantastic win of the ball and attack, the Lions looking dangerous

48′ Tolman with a heavy challenge, picking herself up a slice of cheese

46′ Taroona win a fredrick at the top of the box, Horgan’s shot falls straight to Gardner

45′ Tolman with an early chance at goal for Taroona

45′ Kick off

Taroona look to be in the box seat to take home the cup, going into halftime 2-0. The physicality of Taroona is obvious to see and gaining the upper hand early through a penalty and later scoring another has given the Lions a tough ask in the second half. However, it’s not over until its over and if the Lions can build on their positive signs from the first half then they could very well get right back into this contest.

45′ Halftime is called, Taroona 2 leading Kingborough 0 

41′ Tolman whips in a good ball for Taroona, dealt with by the Lions defence

39′ Davies with a brilliant run for the Lions, almost through on goal

38′ Taroona with a brilliant counter attack, however the defender is fouled

37′ Tatnell wins another freekick for the Lions, in a dangerous area at the top of the box

35′ Kingborough are through on goal, but the flag is raised

34′ Clifford stopping an almost certain attack on goal

32′ Goal Taroona! Horgan whips the ball in from the corner to find Lily Hulton who hits the back of the net, Taroona now winning two goals to none 

32′ Hulton does well to win the corner for the Pirates

30′ Dadswell’s freekick is dealt with well by the Taroona defence

29′ The Lions win a freekick at a dangerous area near the top of the box

27′ Hulton finds Horgan at the top of the box with a fantastic run and pass

26′ Davis with another commanding run down the left hand wing for the Lions

25′ Furness plays a good ball, nobody on the end of it for the Lions

24′ Kingborough winning a corner after some great attacking intent

23′ Gardner with a commanding grab, playing the ball quick to Tatton

22′ Tolman whips in a great ball for Taroona, however there is nobody in the middle

21′ Tatton yet again with a great run, almost finding the final pass

19′ The Lions switch the play well, with Tatton making another great run down the right hand side

17′ Emile Tatton with a brilliant run down the right handsome and wins the freekick for the Lions

17′ Substitute for Taroona Danielle Raymond coming on for Jose Painter

16′ Cropp with a fantastic through ball for Taroona

14′ Painter comes back on the pitch for the Pirates

14′ Moore with a great ball to fine Furness down the left hand side

12′ Tolman with a fantastic cross for the pirates, unlucky not to score

11′ Jose Painter goes down injured for the Pirates, her day may look to be over

10′ Kingborough looking dangerous through the middle, looking to play Davis through

9′ The Pirates almost go two goals up with the ball just flying over the head of their attacker from the corner

8′ Hulton wins a corner for Taroona after her cross is blocked

6′ Tolman with a great run down the left hand side, showing a great use of pace for Taroona

6′ Davis plays a great ball through to Moore who made a great run down the right hand side

5′ Watkins wins the ball well for the Lions

3′ Goal! Zoe Horgan puts Taroona in front, making no mistake from the spot 

2′ Penalty! The Pirates win an early penalty due to a Lions handball

1′ Kick Off

A huge game here at KGV in the 2018 Women’s Statewide Cup Final between Kingborough and Taroona. Both teams will be looking to put their hands on the silverware in a somewhat surprise match up. The Lions sit 7th on the table in the WSL whilst Taroona sit 4th, however that form is irrelevant in cup football and any team can win.