Slice of Cheese

Lakoseljac Cup Final: Devonport v South Hobart

South Hobart
 Shots On
 Shots Off

Devonport have downed South Hobart, with a first half Miles Barnard goal all that separated the two sides. The first half was all the Strikers and in the second half South looked to be back in the contest. Both sides had a number of chances but ultimately Devonport were the better side, running out 1-0 winners.

90′ Full Time Devonport 1 defeat South Hobart 0 

90′ Kieran Brown well out of his box to make a save

90′ A frantic final few minutes here, South attacking well

90′ Substitute for Devonport Barnard off West on

90′ South pushing for a goal with not long to go

90′ Lazcanno with another great clearance

90′ the referee signals for three minutes added time

89′ Cheese! Holden picks up a slice of cheese for what looks to be time wasting

88′ Lazcanno with another great defensive effort

86′ Holden and Gorrie with a great battle on the wing

83′ Devonport win a freekick, Blizzard’s ball finds his teammate but is called offside

81′ Mann and Bidwell with a fantastic one two, dealt with by the South defence

81′ Connor Schmidt with plenty of time to shoot, his shot goes over the bar

80′ Bidwell with a great run down the middle for the Strikers

79′ Substitute for South Hobart, Sculthorpe off for Ryan Cook

78′ The Strikers free kick goes through the defence, with nobody on the end of it

77′ Cheese! Gorrie picks up South’s first Cheese of the day with a challenge on Stone 

75′ Marins corner almost sees Schmidt score, but Pitchford is fouled

74′ Holden does well on the counter, the Strikers looking dangerous

74′ Gorrie puts a dangerous ball into the box

73′ Lazcanno does well to stop the run of Marins

72′ Panic in the box as South almost hit the back of their own net

71′ Brayden man puts it on a platter for Barnard, unlucky not to score

70′ Feral with a great cross to find Sculthorpe, unlucky not to score

68′ Devonport win a freekick in a dangerous spot

68′ Bowman with a great clearance for South

66′ Walter with a powerful shot from the top of the box

66′ Morton attempts to create for South

64′ Alex Walter with a great run through the Strikers defence, hitting his shot straight to the keeper

63′ Sculthorpe’s shot goes over the bar for South

62′ Holden almost scores for the Strikers hitting the crossbar from a great distance, catching the keeper off his line

61′ Marin and Schmidt with a fantastic combination down the left hand side

60′ Holden steals the ball off Gorrie and runs with pace at the South defence

60′ Cheese! Joel Stone picks up some Cheddar 

59′ Krusa’s ball is effective again, with chaos in the box and the Strikers almost doubling their lead

57′ Holden with a great run down the lefthand side before being fouled, sending the Devonport fans into raptures

56′ Cheese! Dom Smith picks up some delicious cheddar and gifts South Hobart an attacking freekick 

54′ Holden almost scores the Strikers second with a powerful shot to the near post

53′ Walter playing through Sculthorpe who is unlucky not to finish

52′ The South Hobart freekick comes to nothing and Schmidt hits the ball high

51′ Bidwell brings down Marins on the edge of the area

50′ Bidwell with a good run down the right, Marin does well to defend and track back

49′ South with plenty of the ball here early in the half

47′ Devonport win a freekick, unlucky not to convert

46′ Feral’s early cross is caught well by Pitchford

45′ Second Half Underway 

A fantastic half of football in the 2018 Lakoseljac Cup Final, with Devonport showing clear intent with the majority of the ball. South have a big ask to get back into the contest however much like we saw against Kingborough last week they will come out in the second half with clear intent.

45′ Half Time Devonport 1 lead South Hobart 0 

45′ Some great combination play for Devonport, however the flag is up

44′ Sculthorpe puts through Walter who slips on the ball, unlucky not to score for South

43′ Bidwell does well to win another corner for the Strikers

42′ South very nearly getting the equaliser with a great attack on goal

40′ South win a free

39′ Marins brings down Blizzard, gifting the Strikers a freekick

37′ Marins with an incredible run and ball to Alex Walter, South unlucky not to equalise

36′ Mann’s freekick comes to nothing and South counter well

35′ Stone is brought down at the top of the box, a very dangerous spot for a freekick

33′ Marins finds Gorrie who’s shot from outside the box goes wide

32′ Blizzard with a great long ball to Holden, who crosses to Mann and is unlucky not to score

31′ Marins with some silky smooth skills in the Devonport box before being brought down, the South fans calling for a penalty

30′ South Hobart gain another freekick, with Morton over the ball

29′ Marin is surrounded by three Strikers and wins the foul

26′ Brayden Mann with an Andy Carrol esque acrobatic effort that just goes over the bar

26′ Devonport seem to want the ball more here and have won another freekick in a dangerous area

24′ Morton’s freekick is dealt with easily by the Strikers

23′ Marins pace on the left hand side sees him win a freekick in a very dangerous spot

22′ Morton comes charging through the middle to find Marin, who cannot get there

21′ Gorrie with a great run and ball for Marin, however only finds Pitchford

20′ Morton shut down well on the wing, Devonport with the upper hand

19′ Holden with some great pace down the left hand side

18′ Bidwell and Mann coliding for the Strikers

16′ Bidwell showing some great energy down the right hand side

15′ Goal Devonport! Miles Barnard follows up the Krusa’s freekick to see his side go one goal up , the pressure is building on South 

14′ Blizzard is fouled after a great run down the middle for the Strikers

13′ Holden with a powerful shot that goes well over the bar

12′ Gorrie’s freekick hits the wall, Bidwell counters for Devonport

11′ Morton with a dangerous ball over the top, Marins wins the free kick for South at the top of the box

10′ Brown with another solid effort for South that sees the Strikers win a corner

9′ Morton switches the ball well for Gorrie, however Pitchford wins the foul

8′ Gorrie whips in a dangerous ball for South

7′ Barnard and Mann combining well for the Strikers

6′ Krusa finds space at the top of the box, his shot flys over the bar

5′ Holden finds space on the left wing for the Strikers, unlucky not to find a teammate

4′ Mann pulling up a bit sheepish after a South Hobart challenge

4′ Blizzard with a great win of the ball for the Strikers

3′ Yet again Brown punches the ball clear, Devonport attacking well early

2′ Devonport win a freekick on the right hand side, Kieran Brown does well to get to the ball

1′ Bryaden Mann with some great early attacking press

1′ Kick Off

A huge game here at KGV for the 2018 Lakoseljac Cup Final between Devonport and South Hobart. In a rematch of the 2016 final both sides will be looking to win the cup, and gain that all important spot in the FFA Cup. With two of the best teams in the state on show, it should be a cracking game.