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Launceston City v Kingborough Lions (WSL)

Live Coverage From Jamie Richardson

 Launceston City
 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full time – Launceston City 5 – Kingborough Lions 1

88′ GOAL – A mix up between Gardner and her defenders leaves Shegog to nip in behind and fire home into the empty net. Launceston City 5 – Kingborough Lions 1

85′ Reitsema puts Savill through who strikes at goal but straight at Gardner. While Tatton steams through the City defence but she can only shoot straight at Dewsbury

84′ Sub for Lions – On Hale Off Moore

79′ GOAL – Beth Bygrace picks the ball up with time and space, 35 yards out she strikes at goal and Gardner has no chance as it sails through the cobwebs in the top corner! Launceston City 4 – Kingborough Lions 1

78′ Tatton at the top of the box striker at goal, Dewsbury at full stretch manages to hold onto it.

75′ Shegog on her way to goal with only the keeper to beat was bundled over from a Kingborough defender, definitely seen them given but the referee was having nothing of it.

71′ Sub for City – On Ruffo Off Fagan

65′ GOAL – Reitsema is on the receiving end of a cross from the right she controls it and strikes it between the legs of the oncoming Gardner. Launceston City 3 – Kingborough Lions 1

City’s Walsh is walking a fine line giving away fouls whilst on a yellow card.

61′ Sub for City – On Reitsema Off E.Hernyk

57′ GOAL – Holly Savill is played through with only Gardner to beat she fires straight at her and it falls back to Savill who makes no mistake in slotting it home into the empty net. Launceston City 2 – Kingborough Lions 1

56′ Bygrave sends in a free kick from out wide to the back post to Shegog but she can’t quite latch onto it and out for a goal kick.

53′ Furness for Kingborough heads off the line as Gardner was called upon to clear the danger but it came straight back in the form of Herynk that couldn’t beat Furness!

52′ Slice of Cheese this time for Emily Hernyk as she was adjudged offside and wasn’t too pleased with that call.

51′ Slice of Cheese for City’s Kiara Walsh for dissent. She wasn’t too happy with the foul call she just received

Kingborough with the wind now have started the half on the front foot.

47′ Post! Hickman steps up to take the free kick for Kingborough and she strikes it onto the crossbar it bounces down but Dewsbury collects for City.

46′ Slice of Cheese for the captain Stevenson as she chopped down the Kingborough attacker.

Back underway at Buckby Land Rover Park

Not been too many chances after the first 6 minutes yielded two goals here at Buckby Land Rover Park.

City had the wind in the first half and rightly so had much of the play but couldn’t create the chances on goal.

Half time

44′ Savill takes a corner for City and it’s towards Fagan who looks to flick it goal wards, can’t get enough on it and it deflects of Stevenson and out for a goal kick.

Approaching half time and still very little play that has led to any chances. City being the more likely to add to the scoresheet but every forward foray has been wasteful or cut out by the Kingborough defence.

32′ Kingborough free kick taken by Hickman 25 yards out. She strikes at goal and narrowly misses the top corner.

26′ Not too much action to note here at Buckby Land Rover Park. It’s been for most past in City’s attacking half but their chances have been few and far between. Kingborough on their rare ventures forward have looked dangerous though with Laura Davis looking lively up front.

Maddison James from Kinborough seems to be in some discomfort and play has stopped while she receives treatment.

There’s a fair north westerly wind of 22km/h favouring City in this first half as the half wears on their starting to gain control of the match. 

12′ Another Bygrave corner is sent into the mixer it and finds Savill again who heads goal wards but can’t get it through the pack of bodies, it bobbles around and is cleared.

8′ Bygrave whips in a corner that falls to Savill who unleashes a volley but hits it just over the bar.

6′ GOAL – A goal kick from Gardner is straight to Emily Hernyk and she slides a ball in behind the defence where Fagan latches onto it and pokes it inside the post. 1 all!

3′ GOAL – The resulting goal kick taken by Dewsbury doesn’t clear the danger and is pounced on by Laura Davis who slots the ball home to give Kingborough an early lead!

2′ Tattoo with an earlier sighter from a slight angle, hits the side netting.

Kick off!

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