Slice of Cheese

Launceston City v Olympia

Live Blog Coverage From Jesse Hudson

 Shots On
 Shots Off


FULL TIME – Launceston City 4 – 1 Olympia

94′ Late corner for Olympia. Wadawu puts it out.


90′ Slice of cheese! It looked inevitable but Gurson has gone into the book for a foul from behind on Dorazio.

89′ SUBSTITUTION FOR CITY – ON Dyer. OFF Cartwright.

Things are getting fiery here. Hill attempts to pull down Turner as he goes down. Then off the ball Gurson hits the ball into the face of the spectator.

85′ Bellini brings a lobbed through ball down with his chest and shoots just wide of the post.

84′ Wicks on the ball early getting a cross away but it sails out for a goal kick.


76′ Hill takes Fischer down inside City’s half.

72′ Free kick on the left for Olympia. Wadawu puts it in, and Linger chests it down for a clearance just several yards from the goal line.

70′ Wadawu brings it down to Gurson who hits it just shy of the post.

69′ SUBSTITUTION – ON Bellini. OFF Nkoso

67′ Castaneda plays Gurson in in the box but his shot is wide.

59′ Fischer is presented with space on the left but hits the side netting with his shot.

58′ Wadawu almost through but Millington breaks it up. Nkoso follows up with a cross that’s cleared again my Millington.

54′ A little wrestle on the ground between Cartwright and Gurson. Linger gets the remains and plays a one-two with Mies but Hill read it well to clear.

52′ Foul on Nkoso from Turner. Looked like a fair 50/50 where Turner won the strength battle but the referee saw it differently.

49′ Fischer muscles off Holmes in the box but blasts his shot well over.

47′ Turner holds up Gurson really well and gets the ball cleared from any danger.

Lucas Hill moved into centre back and Vandermay moves to right back.


HALF TIME – Launceston City 4 – 1 Olympia.

45′ Campbell loses control after intercepting Gurson. His touch was too heavy and slid into a challenge cleaning up Griffiths in the process. It’s met with roars of disapproval from the City bench but it did look like a dangerous challenge.

43′ Gurson goes down after running into his own teammate Griffiths. But oddly a free kick is called against Mies.

41′ Not the best minute for Holmes. In possession, he was screaming for an option but no one showed. Fischer won the ball and played it to Mies who skipped past Holmes, delayed his shot and finished from just on the 18-yard box. 4-1 to City.

40′ Gurson hits it low and forces a save from Niko. Nkoso’s follow up was blocked by Campbell and City counter.

39′ Free kick in a dangerous position for Olympia. Directly in front, 20 yards out.

34′ Nkoso all over Cartwright. Smart foul on the counter.

32′ Griffiths fouls Mies going up for a header.

29′ GOAL! A cross comes in for Olympia that Niko tries to punch, but it falls to Gurson who volleys past the City defender on the line. 3-1.

27′ GOAL! Again Johnson comes off his line and Fischer shoots from a tight angle on the left into the open goal. 3-0 City.

With Devonport picking up the 3 points against South Hobart today City are making a good impression in the first half to restore their 6 point lead at the top of the table.

24′ GOAL! Fischer dribbles through no less than three defenders, rounds the keeper and finishes into the open net. 2-0 City.

19′ Turner gets a beautifully weighted cross in that involves a clash between Johnson and his defender. Fischer heads it towards the open net but Johnson hurries back to scoop it off the line.

16′ Linger plays Fischer through whose shot was blocked. City corner. It hits the crossbar on delivery and out for an Olympia goal kick.

12′ Mies wins the ball from Nkoso. After some link-up play, Fischer creates space for himself to get a shot off but it’s slightly wide.

10′ Gurson hits it just over the bar.

9′ Niko gets a yellow for kicking the ball away after a free kick on the edge of the box for Olympia.

8′ GOAL! Mies plays Fischer in nicely who crosses along the ground to the back post where Linger guides it home. 1-0 City.

7′ Linger wins a free kick on the left-hand side. Syson scuffs it and results in an Olympia free kick.

4′ Corner for Olympia after an attack down the right. It’s cleared comfortably by City.


Launceston City

ON – Campbell, Cartwright, Dorazio, Fischer, Giantsopolous, Linger, Mies, Millington, Scott, Syson, Turner. OFF – Aldridge, Dyer, Egan, Smith, Wicks.


ON – Castaneda, Griffiths, Gurson, Hill, Holmes, Johnson, Nkoso, Ortmann, Sammut, Vandermay, Wadawu. OFF – Bellini, Hills, Murfitt, Smithies-Sharples.