Slice of Cheese

Northern Rangers v Clarence

Live Blog Coverage from Bailey Apted

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full time Rangers 3 Clarence 0

Substitution Rangers ON – Adhar Ngor OFF- Alex Fulton

83′ GOAL!! Harry Thannauser puts the nails in the coffin from 6 yards out by placing the ball near post of the keeper 3-0 to the Rangers

Npl debutants Joe Macnevin and Matthew Collins making an impact straight away, getting several touches already.

81′ Substitution Rangers ON – Matthew Collins Off – Matthew Youd

76′ Substitution Rangers ON- Joe Macnevin Off- William Humphery

Slice of Cheese! 5 for Clarence for an unnecessary tackle 30 yards from the Rangers goal.

62′ Chance for Rangers squanders when Cristy can’t seem to beat his players and find Nick LA who has several metres free space.

59′ Freekick for Clarence a fair way out that results in a goalkick

45′ Second half underway.

Halftime: Rangers 2 Clarence 0

Not much to mention other than a few handball calls and controverrsial tackles, halftime approaching in the next few minutes.

37′ GOAL! Rangers score again, Humphrey skips a few, crosses into Pat-LA and he slots one home to extend the score 2-0

Clarence keeping the Rangers on their toes with a few throughballs in the last 5 minutes.

24′ Shot off by Humphery, brought down at 18 in a fair challenge, manages to get a toe on it but cant find the inside of the post.

17′ Almost an exact replica situation for Clarence refering back to the Scuff, but still remains 1-0.

13′ Scuff in the box nearly leading to the Rangers conceding but is defended and cleared out of the danger zone.

10′ GOAL! Rangers have put one past Clarence, with a shot from Nick LA inside the box, from where im sitting it looks like its deflected off Dysons glove and into the net 1-0!

Rangers have been in possession for most of this game so far, looking to try and build up play and find an inside man 

1′ We are underway here at the NTCA!


Rangers Teamsheet:

Whatman, Cristy, A.Fulton, J. Fulton, Humphery, N. Lanau Atkinson, P.Lanau Atkinson, Lucas, Youd, Thanausser. OFF- Macnevin, Collins, Ngor


Clarence Teamsheet:

Dyson, Hetcher, Hedge, Houston, Kannegieser, O’Neill, Palmer, Price, Randall, Stuart, OFF- Bugg, Lange, Williams


Today marks the day of the Rangers debutants, 16 year old Joe Macnevin and 18 year old Matthew Collins, who are starting on the bench but i have heard that they will be coming on late game. These boys are looking to make a good impression coming up against a Clarence side who are still struggling to find a win this season. Rangers can’t go up the ladder but Kingborough are up their alley and will be looking to take that 6th place spot. Rangers are 2-0 this season against Clarence 7-1 and 4-2 respectively and will be filled full of confidence going into this game, if the Rangers play like they have been playing in previous weeks they should be able to take the win on their home turf, but anything can happen in football.