Slice of Cheese

Northern Rangers v Devonport

Live Blog Coverage From Michael Monticchio

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full Time Northern Rangers 2-3 Devonport

90+1′ GOAL! 3-2! The Strikers have stolen it late, Brayden Mann steps up and dispatches what is surely the match winner!

90′ PENALTY! The Strikers to the penalty spot! Shocking challenge in the box, no hesitation from the ref.

86′ A free kick from the Strikers is into the wall, time ticking away here, a draw looms bar any late heroics.

80′ Nick La is issued his daily dose of dairy, going into the book.

80′ Devonport with one shot that went wide but otherwise no clear openings, 10 to play, game still locked at 2.

70′ GOAL! 2-2! Devonport tie it back up! A free kick  into the area isn’t dealt with, there is a mad scramble with a sea of bodies in the box and it leaves a tap in to tie the game at 2-2. 

68′ A Nick Lanau-Atkinson free kick from the edge of the box is steered away by the Strikers defence.

65′ Whatman again makes the save, this one regulation to deny Blizzard.

62′ Nick Lanau-Atkinson fires one wide of the mark, been a great second half showing this from Rangers.

59′ Save! Sam Whatman comes up big for his team making a quality save to preserve the 2-1 lead.

54′ Slice of Cheese! Joel Stone goes into the book.

53′ Thannhauser fires off a shot that can’t find the back of the net as Rangers dial up the pressure. Having a good spell here.

50′ GOAL! 2-1! Colaianni steps up and dispatches the pk right down the middle, as the keeper dove to the right. Rangers take the lead!

49′ PENALTY! RANGERS! Spot kick awarded, seemed a bit soft but the hosts will take it.

46′ Play resumes at the NTCA.

Half Time

42′ GOAL! 1-1! Rangers, Dan Cristy fires home and gets the Rangers back on terms just before the half time break. He curled it in off the crossbar from outside the box. 

41′ Whatman does well to make the save.

36′ Shot off! Wasted chance for the Strikers with the open goal gaping, Daniel Jackson fires wide of the mark, should be 2-0.

34′ SUB- Joel Griffeon has replaced an injured Jesse Fulton who has limped off.

30′ At the half hour mark it’s the Strikers who are in control, but certainly not dominant, a good game in prospect.

24′ Shot on! The Town House with a chance! But his effort is saved by Pitchford.

17′ GOAL! 1-0! Devonport! Brayden Mann! He just keeps on scoring, this time with a flicked on header after a throw in.

16′ First chance for Rangers but its fired straight at Pitchford who saves comfortably.

13′ First chance of the game falls to Mann but his shot finds side netting only.

12′  Pretty end to end game but neither side is really creating anything meaningful.

8′ No chances of note here, pretty scrappy opening to the game.

1′ Ten minutes later than scheduled but we are now underway.

Bit of a delay to the kick off here at the NTCA. Won’t be starting on time that’s for sure.

Teams From

Rangers: Cano, Cristy, Darrant, Fulton, Fulton, Griffeon, Humphrey, Lanau-Atkinson, Lanau-Atkinson, Lucas, N’gor, Smith, Sparshott, Thanhausser, Whatman, Youd

Strikers: Andrews, Barnard, Bidwell, Blizzard, Dance, Holden, Jackson, Krusa, Lazcano, Mann, Mason, Mulraney, Pearce, Pitchford, Smith, Stone, West

The Devonport Strikers travel to a venue that has been a tough place for visiting sides in recent times, taking on Northern Rangers at the NTCA ground. Rangers opened up last week with a 7-1 win over Clarence and were a tough side at home over the second half of 2017. The Strikers probably played their worst game of the season against South on Saturday, yet walked away with the points, that’s football for you, but they will want to lift here against a Rangers side that are leading the league in goals at the moment with 12. They have a nice spread of contributors, with 4 players chalking up 2 goals each. When you consider that in the 2016 and 2017 seasons, only 5 of their players scored multiple goals over the course of the entire season, it’s a highly encouraging sign. They will be up against it in this one though, Devonport have probably looked the most impressive side in the opening month of action, even if they haven’t had the end results to suggest. Their stable of attacking talent runs deep and whilst Rangers are scoring goals, keeping them out has been a problem.