Slice of Cheese

Northern Rangers v Olympia

Sunday 27 May, 2:00pm, NTCA

Live Blog Coverage From Bailey Apted

 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time here at the NTCA as the Warriors come out victorious. A solid effort for both teams but at the end of the day it was the Warriors who took their chances. Full Match Report To Come

90+1′ GOAL!! Gurson adds another goal with a superb and calm half-volley into the top left corner, nothing Whatman could do.

83′ Substitution ON – Adhar Ngor OFF – Alex Fulton 

80′ GOAL!!! Gordan Gurson has proved to be the main man today for Olympia threatening the Rangers defence, Scoring a freekick from around 20 yards out into the bottom left corner!

77′ CHANCE! Daniel Cristy with an absolute belter turns and shoots at the penalty spot which hits the underside of the crossbar and out! at this point, Rangers are bound to score.

76′ CHANCE! Gordan Gurson with a strike from outside of 18 but is not on target,

 75′ Substitution OFF – Mitchell Jones ON – Lachlan Mcallumsmith 

Rangers attacking with real menace – unlucky not to be putting their shots away.

64′ CHANCE! Warren Wadawu beats Lucas and puts a shot on, unfortunately, he is unable to put one past Whatman.

62′ Substitution ON – Michael Monticchio OFF – Nick Lanau Atkinson

60′ CHANCE! Daniel Cristy hits a finesse shot from the outside of the 18-yard box, inches from scoring into the top right netting!

57′ CHANCE! Sammut receives a low cross to the penalty spot and skies it over the fence.

55′ CHEESE! Wadawu gets given a slice for taking what looked to be Fulton down from behind.

48′ CHANCE! Daniel Cristy receives a ball along the 6-yard line and scuffs the shot. Worked hard to get a second shot off but was denied by the Olympia defense.

46′ Second half is underway.

Sorry about the updates being minimal, my computer decided it didn’t like me and froze several times, il do my best to give you all the action in the second half.

45′ Half-time here at the NTCA ground, Warriors lead 1-0.

Its end to end football at the moment, Rangers on the backfoot trying to defend Olympias pace up front. The Rangers doing well to get the ball out and back in their final third quickly.

20′ Olympia continue to fire at the Rangers goal, Whatman doing a solid job to keep it at only 1-0.

10′ GOAL!!! Eduardo Castaneda buries one in the top right corner from a wide delivery to give the away side a 1-0 lead – what a strike!

5′ Olympia is having several chances in on goal, the Rangers must isolate Wadawu and Vandermey to stop the threat of the Warriors scoring.

1′  We are underway here at the NTCA ground.

Rangers Teamsheet: Cristy, A.Fulton, Humphrey, Jones, N. Lanau-Atkinson, P. Lanau Atkinson, Lucas, Mccallumsmith, Thannhauser, Whatman, Youd. OFF- Chugg, Monticchio, Roberts, Ngor.

Olympia Teamsheet:  Castaneda, Curtis, Gurson, Lucas, Holmes, Little, Ortmann, Darby, Sammut, Vandermay, Wadawu. OFF – Bellini, Murfitt, Smithies-Sharples .

It’s a great day for football here at the NTCA ground where the Rangers are up against Olympia. If Olympia are to get the win this week they are looking at top 4 contention where South Hobart and the Zebras are within three points of them up the table. On the other hand, the Rangers may swap ladder positions if they are to beat 5th place Olympia on goal difference. The Rangers looking to take it to Olympia, considering just going down to Devenport in the Lakoseljac cup semi-final 2-1. This game should be a good one to watch!