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Northern Rangers v South Hobart (NPL)

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South Hobart
 Shots On
 Shots Off

FULL TIME: Northern Rangers 2-3 South Hobart

90′ Into stoppage time now and still it remains 3-2.

80′ Ten minutes left for Rangeres to chase them down but South are running the game out stronger at present.

70′ No further scoring here, Rangers chasing the game but South are doing the bulk of the attacking.

57′ GOAL 3-2! Rangers respond and we have 3 in 7 minutes. No goalscorers on these last few for Flashscore so will need to chase them up.

53′ GOAL 3-1 South strike twice in quick succession. Turner at the double!

50′ GOAL 2-1 South Hobart, a quick start to the half for the visitors as Jack Turner puts his side back in front. 

The stats to half time, not sure what constitutes a shot but South certainly racking them up according to the 365 data with 19 (17 on target) to 8, (3 on, 5 off) Ins the Dangerous Attacks-South leading 25-18 and possession, 62% South Hobart

45′ Half Time: Northern Rangers 1-1 South Hobart

30′ Stats suggest the game has been fairly even in terms of going forwards, both teams are having dangerous moments and the game has flowed well but South have certainly been more willing to pull the trigger. The visitors have also shaded the possession, 62-38.

20′ GOAL 1-1 Harry Thannhauser levels things up from one of Rangers first chances, firing home against the run of play. 

The opening 15 minutes has been a barrage from South winning corner after corner and firing off plenty of shots but it remains 1-0

7′ GOAL, 1-0 SOUTH HOBART! Alex Walter opens things up with the opening goal as they convert their early dominance.

2:18pm- Kick off, bit of a delay but we are underway here. Out blogger has come down with gastro unfortunately so will be a bit of a limited blog on offer, will be using bet365’s stats and flash score to cobble something together.

Northern Rangers host South Hobart in a fascinating clash at the NTCA ground. Rangers have been good value at home this season and their last month of football has been strong. They look an improved side in 2018 and where as previously you would have South healthy favourites for this game, now it looms as a tough road trip for them. South have put in some good performances this season but not got results, but then last week claimed the win despite being outplayed, they were probably due some luck but they will need to be better this week. The worry for the hosts is that whilst Rangers have at times lagged late in games, South are the masters of running out the 90 minutes. As they demonstrated to devastating effect last week, they will not relent and they will not give an inch.