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Olympia v Clarence (NPL)

Live Blog Coverage From Paul Hunt

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90′ – Full Time. Olympia 3 – Clarence 1. The first Eastern Shore Derby for the season goes the way of Olympia. Whilst they get the 3 points they were after, the performance will still not allay any concerns regarding the teams form, and any potential title challenge. Clarence’s first half performance confirmed they are shoring up their defence, and on the smaller grounds such as Wentworth Park, and Warrior Park, they will be a threat.

89′ – Substitution for Olympia. Paul Stevens OFF. Ben Curtis ON

83′ – Substitution for Olympia. Goalscorer Warren Wadawu OFF, The ‘OG Salad himself’ Thomas Bellini coming on.

79′ – CLEARED OFF THE LINE! Lucas Hill waiting at the far post, he guides his header on target, but a Clarence defender is there to clear it off the line. A great example of why having players on the front and back post is crucial

75′ – Substitution for Olympia. Joffry N’koso off, with Joel Sammut coming on.

75′ – The match is getting a bit scrappy here, with niggly fouls, and the weather taking a turn for the worse. Olympia

72′ – SLICE OF CHEESE! A fairly agricultural challenge from Price sees him go into the referee’s notebook.

68′ – Substitution for Hur Ali Ercan comes off, with Cade Smith coming on.

67′ – SLICE OF CHEESE! – Reibel with a strikers challenge, giving Olympia a free kick in a dangerous area. Castenada lays it short to N’Koso who shoots harmlessly wide.

62′ GOAL! Gordy Gurson with an emphatic finish! He pounces on a rare mistake from Clarence, and hits it to the far post, giving Dyson no chance. 3-1 to Olympia.

54′ GOAL! Warren Wawadu with a piece of absolute magic! Free kick on the right hand side, about 3 metres in from the touch line, and Wadawa places the ball right where the spiders live, in the top right corner. A goal of the year contender for sure.

52′ Substitution for Clarence, Paul Palmer coming off and Adam Hedge coming on. A like for like swap for the moment.

51′ – Gordy Gurson with a great imitation of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s goal for Sweden in Euro 2004. A creative back heel that is blocked by a Clarence defender on the line. No real other action to speak of in this first half.

46′ – The second half is under way

Half-time thoughts

Reading the Olympia FC matchday program, it appears that only a convincing second half performance with please the faithful here. ‘Only an emphatic victory today by Olympia FC Warriors will give us any comfort from what has transpired over the past few weeks.’

45′ – Half time here at Warrior Park. Olympia 1 – Clarence 1. Not the most free flowing of contests, Olympia holding possession but Clarence are defending stoutly and are a danger on the break with Sanchez Calceido and Reibel a constant threat. The rain and wind has subsided as well for the moment.

41′ – GOAL! Well, sometimes in football you need that little bit of luck, and Olympia sure had it in spades that time. Ball comes in from the right, clears the keeper and Hardwick clears….. right into the face of Wadawu, and into the back of the net!!! A crazy goal, and it’s all tied here with 4 minutes left in the first half.

37′ – Olympia cannot get going here, the Clarence defensive line are holding their shape very well. They are also springing chances on the counter, this time Sanchez Calceido shoots wide.

28′ – GOAL! Clarence! Conceding the majority of possession, Clarence hit the lead off a free kick. The ball swung in by Palmer, and racing in unmarked at the back post is Reibel who volleys it home from 6 yards out.

25′ – Olympia have not brought their shooting boots today. Another shot goes over the bar from Gurson

23′ – CHEESE! A very heavy touch from Sanchez, but Nkoso leads in and clips the striker. Only 2nd foul of the game, a talking to probably should of been sufficient but the cheese is immediately dished out.

21′ – CHANCE! A miss hit cross from Vandermay nearly gets over the top of Dyson for a goal. Fingertip save to concede a corner.

14′ – CHANCE! Well… a half chance for Gordy Gurson. Chip ball eludes Palmer and with the first-time volley, Gurson can’t quite keep it down.

8′ – CHANCE! Clarence with the long ball over the top, Randall comes out to close it down, Stuart gets the shot off…twice, but Randall is equal to the task.

2′ – Brett Johnson is away for the Warriors, so Darby Randall gets the start. Also, Paul Stevens is playing Defensive Mid, with ‘The Mountain’ at CB.

1′ – We have kick-off at Warrior Park. The weather is deteriorating by the minute here. Sidewards rain coming in from the Warrane end.

Line-ups are in



1:49pm – The Challenge League match finishes 7-1 to Olympia FC Warriors,

1:45pm – Welcome to an overcast Warrior Park for the Clarence Derby between Olympia FC Warriors and Clarence United. We will bring you the line-ups for both team shortly. In the meantime, read Andrew Cooling’s match preview, from ‘The Friday Forecast’ below.

‘The other Saturday game is the first Eastern shore Derby of the season, which comes at a time where the Warriors certainly need a lift. They have ended what looked a defining week of their season with 3 losses, falling to Zebras, Devonport and then South Hobart. Had things shaken out differently they may well have booked a semi final spot and moved within 4 points of top spot but late heartbreak in both games has cost them dearly. Clarence meanwhile seem to have turned a corner after a poor start to their season. Draws in their past two home games has seen them steady and the introduction of Sanchez, Ercan and a fully fit Odaine Demar has bolstered them. The Jamaican has been in great form the past couple of weeks and they will need another big effort from him if they are to claim anything from their rivals at Warrior Park.’