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Olympia v Hobart Zebras

Live Blog Coverage From Daniel Webb

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 Shots Off

90′ Full Time: Hobart Zebras 5 defeat Olympia Warriors 0 

90′ Hills with a run, misses the volley on goal

90′ Conforti with a great ball into the middle

89′ Sklenar finds Sanders who is under pressure

88′ Kamara does well to hold Little’s cross

86′ Goal Zebras! Sklenar scores his third of the game as the Zebras go up 5-0 

85′ Vandermey with a header going wide

84′ Gurson draws a foul, seeing his side win a freekick

82′ Sklenar rises high for the header, but his shot goes wide

81′ Vandermey blocks Sklenar well, stopping the Czech scoring his hatrick

80′ Substitute for the Warriors, Sam Hills coming on for Castenada

79′ The flag is raised on Van Doorne who made a great run on the right

78′ The Zebras win another corner

77′ Jayden Hey puts it on a platter for his side however nobody gets on the end of his pass

76′ Sammut with a cross into the back post, going out

74′ The Zebras with a good attack, however it is offside

73′ Another corner is awarded for the Warriors

72′ The Warriors win another corner after a Castenada run

71′ Markaj’s header goes over the bar, unlucky not to score

70′ Little brings down Sklenar, with the referee awarding the away side with a freekick in a dangerous area

68′ Sammut hits a shot off target from distance

67′ Vandermey finds a one-two with Nkoso

66′ Wadawu’s corner goes out, winning the Zebras a goal kick

65′ Sklenar attempts to chip Johnson, his shot going over the bar

64′ Vandermey finds space at the top of the box, his shot blocked

61′ Substitute for the Warriors, Hill coming off for Ben Curtis, and the Zebras bringing Huigsloot off for Conforti

60′ Vandermey with a shot off the corner, going high

59′ Castenada’s shot goes over the bar, with Kamara’s save seeing the Warriors win a corner

58′ Cheese! Dillon picks up some cheddar as the Warriors win a freekick at the top of the box 

57′ Nkoso with a good run that sees Wadawu with a blocked shot in the box

56′ Little hitting wide with a shot from distance

55′ Castenada with a shot going wide

54′ Oliver Davis rises to meet the Olympia header, his shot going over the bar

54′ Johnson wins the ball well

53′ Gurson with a great run, unlucky to be offside

52′ The Zebras win a corner after another great run from Jayden Hey

49′ Huigsloot hits the ball over the bar from outside the box

48′ The Warriors with another corner, dealt with by the Zebras

47′ Nkoso with a fantastic show of skill as he runs into the box, winning a corner for his side

46′ Little with a good run

45′ Hey with an early run into the box, his pass goes long

45′ Second Half Underway 

A one sided half with the Hobart Zebras putting on a dominant display. The attacks through the middle and down the right from the away side have seen the Warriors with no answers, and the Zebras putting four past them. In the second half it will be interesting to see if the home side can bring themselves back into the contest or if the Zebras will run away with some more goals.

45′ Half Time Hobart Zebras 4 Olympia 0 

45′ Davis and Sammut with a one two in the box for the Warriors

45′ Sammut and Nkoso combine well on the left hand side

45′ Olympia with a passage of possession as half time approaches

41′ Van Doorne with shot from distance, going wide

40′ Olympia substitute, Jono Griffiths coming off for Oliver Davis

39′ Jono Griffiths comes up injured from the Zebras attack, causing a stoppage in play

39′ Goal Zebras! Dwayne Walsh puts it on a platted to Van Doorne who finishes well, the score now 4-0 

37′ Goal! Sanders finds the back of the net with a solid finish, the Zebras now go up 3-0 

35′ The Zebras win a freekick on the left handside

34′ Gurson hits the ball over the bar from the freekick

33′ Nkoso wins a freekick at the top of the box, a very dangerous position for the Warriors

30′ Goal Zebras! The ball falls to Sklenar from Huigsloot and the Czech makes no mistake, scoring his second and seeing the Zebras go 2-0 up 

29′ Van Doorne with a cutback for the Zebras, but nobody is in the middle to finish it off

28′ Castenada finds Wadawu who plays Sammut and his cross goes out

26′ Gurson with a dangerous run for the Warriors, dealt with well by the Zebras

25′ Little with a dangerous ball into the box, however it goes out

23′ Gurson with a finds space at the top of the box, almost hitting the back of the net

21′ Nkoso with a shot hitting the side netting

20′ The Zebras with some fantastic play, Markaj finding Hey who combined with Van Doorne who found Sklenar and Sanders in the box, with Brett Johnson making a great save for the Warriors

18′ Wadawu  gains the ball on the wing, his pass going for a goal kick

17′ Brett Johnson makes a solid save after Van Doorne shoots on goal

15′ Nkoso with a shot from distance, blocked well by the Zebras defence

14′ Sanders goes for an audacious volley, the flag is raised

13′ Sanders with a dangerous run for the Zebras, winning a corner

12′ Goal Zebras! Jakob Sklenar puts his side one goal up after a fantastic run from Jayden Hey 

9′ Jayden Hey with a powerful volley from distance, unlucky to miss

8′ The Zebras win a corner

7′ Dillon with a shot from distance, going wide

7′ The Zebras win a freekick on the halfway line

6′ Ortmann with a good ball to Wadawu, Wadawu’s cross is poor

5′ Nkoso with a run down the right, unlucky for it to go out for a goal kick

4′ Wadawu’s cross is cleared by Dillon

3′ Olympia with some good possession, switching play across the park

2′ Van Doorne with a great run down the right hand side, with Brett Johnson making a huge save for the home side

1′ Delayed Kick Off – beginning at 2:20  

A huge game here at Warrior Park today with Olympia taking on the Hobart Zebras. Both teams will be looking to pile the pressure on Launceston City who dropped points to South Hobart yesterday. This is always an entertaining game and both sides will want the three points.

Hobart Zebras Team Sheet:

Olympia Team Sheet