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Olympia v Kingborough Lions

Live Blog Coverage From Paul Hunt

 Shots On
 Shots Off

90′ – Full Time Olympia 4 – 2 Kingborough

89′ – Cleared off the line by Herweynan! Nearly a fifth for Olympia, off the head of Vandermay.

86′ – Castenada should of buried that chance, hit right into the arms of O’Connell.

81′ – Substitution: Kantzos off, and Mitch Stalker coming on. That is not a misprint.

77′ – GOAL! Delightful corner from the Postman, and without moving an inch, and with no marker, heads it home off the crossbar. The cuddler is back!

75′ – Not a whole lot happening, Olympia are still searching for a 4th goal, whilst Kingborough aren’t really creating any chances.

72′ – Another slice of cheese, this time for Griffiths for a clear shirt pull while Bostock was away.

70′ – Less chances since the third goal, but still both teams are up for this one.

64′ – GOAL! And the comeback is complete! Joffry N’Koso the scorer. Made the space in the box, got half a yard and curls one low into the bottom far corner. 3-2 to Olympia!

62′ – Substitution: Verdouw off. Bostock on.

62′  If N’Koso went down then, he would of had a penalty. Schuth practically Nigel De Jong’d him

61′ – Much better intensity to this half. Olympia are putting Kingborough under real pressure.

60′ – Cheese to Wadawu for a hand ball.

56′ – GOAL! and HANDBAGS! Eduardo Castenada at the third time of asking rifles in the top roof. Schuth ends up in the back of the net after a shove from Lucas Hill.

54′ – Substitution: Stevens off, Sammut on

49′ – Substitution: Hall off and Calvert on.

48′ – GOAL! The Mountain emerges at the back post after the near post flick on header. Good delivery from the postman, and Hill could not miss. Game on!

48′ – Bit more fire in the belly from Olympia so far

46′ – Tactical changes from Olympia, Stevens back to CB, Hill to CDM, Gurson to Right Wing, N’Koso and Castenada, up front, a 4-2-4 formation it looks like.

46′ – Underway for the second half

45′ – Half-time at a damp Warrior Park. Kingborough’s game plan has worked to perfection so far. Olympia are frustrated, hands on hips, slow ball movement. Huge improvement needed.

49′ – Plenty of added time.

45′ – Controversy! Gurson is one on one with the keeper, plays the ball to an onrushing Postman, who is offisde! The ‘FIFA’ goal trick doesn’t work on the this occasion.

44′ – Pressure building from Olympia here. All the action is in their half.

40′ – And the media box goes up in arms at the crude challenge from Schuth scythes down Gurson, but the referee yells play on! Wish I spoke Greek about now.

38′ – Penalty shout for  push in the back on Gurson, waved away from the referee.

35′ – Great chance for N’Koso, but an even better save! Kingboroguh playing with real fire here today.

30′ – As the rain pours down, it is Kingborough who are holding firm. Olympia are missing a no.10 and some creative spark.

25′ – GOAL! Penalty to Kingborough! And converted! Danny Cowen rifles it home. Laces straight down the middle. Kingborough are 2-0 up!

23′ –  Holmesy heads off the goaline directly from the corner! Nearly snuck in for some #topbins

18′ – First corner of the game to Kingborough, who are carving up the gap between Olympia’s 2 centre backs.

17′ – Baker has just hit the car park on the full.

14′ – How did he miss that! N’Koso shoots straight at O’Connell in goals from 3 metres out, and the rebound spins back into the keepers hand. Should be 1-1

13′ – Strong save at the other end from Johnson, Kingborough looking really dangerous on the break today. It’s playing out like the

11′ – Strong save from O’Connell in goals as Gurson gets his first look on goal.

10′ – Still not a lot else has happened either side of the 10 second period where Kingborough scored. Possession is about 80-20 Olympia.

5′ – GOAL! After 5 minutes of….. nothing of note, Lions score! Phil Kantzos scores from 2 years out, dream start here for the Lions. Ball was whipped in from the right hand side, knock down header from and Kantzos directs it home from a metre out.

1′ – Finally underway, at 2:07pm.

We are live here at a chilly Warrior Park. The Challenge League match has just finished, with Olympia winning 4-1 over Kingborough Lions. A little late to start as always, with Olympia welcoming back Brett Johnson from his injury. Excited to see Gordy Gurson in action again, he is a player of exceptional pedigree. For Kingborough, the last 10 minutes of this match will be key, at least 6 points dropped in this period so far this season.


1. Brett Johnson

3. Alexander Holmes

4. Gordon Gurson

7. Warren Wadawu

9. Eduardo Castaneda

10. Lucas Hill

11. Joffrey Nkoso

8. Paul Stevens

14. Jonathan Griffiths

15. Mark Ortmann

19. Jake Vandermey


6. Joel Sammut

13. Thomas Bellini

21. Darby Randall


1. Nicholas O’Connell

4. Nicholas Zammit

7. Danny Cowen

8. Trent Pearce

9. Christian DiMartino

10. Chris  Downes

11. Joel Schuth

13. Timothy Baker

19. Tobias Herweynen

17. Phil Kantzos

20. James Hall

6. Lewis Verdouw


12. Conor Bastock

18. Jacob Calvert

21. Mitch Stalker

Match preview:

Olympia play host to the Kingborough Lions. Olympia had been playing some reasonable football prior to the Devonport game, a 3-1 loss which was probably the death knell on their fading title hopes. They still have enough quality to trouble anyone on their day, but this season now looks more like a developmental year for them and Dale Itchins has given plenty of youngsters meaningful minutes to facilitate that. They beat the Lions 2-1 in the most recent meeting, striking twice late but they probably should have scored much earlier in that game. The break for Kingborough came off the heels of a 3 week stretch against the competitions top three sides. That ended with 3 defeats, pushing South Hobart in a 3-2 loss but it leaves them stuck in 7th place. Whilst their goal difference is significantly better, they are on the same amount of points as they were after Round 9 last season, and they need to start translating improved performances into improved results.