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Olympia v Launceston City (NPL)

Live Blog Coverage From Daniel Webb

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full Time Launceston 2 – Olympia 0

90′ City win a free kick in front of their attacking corner flag

90′ Jarod Linger is unlucky not to provide an assist after a great run

86′ Freekick City at the corner of the box

81′ An injury to Launceston’s Lindsay Millington holds up play slightly, but he is back up and about

GOAL City! A great Noah Miles run and cross in the 78th minute put it on a platter for Tyler Fischer, City now lead 2 – 0 

76′ Freekick City, in their attacking half

74′ City win a corner

70′ Olympia use all their subs, with Bellini, Eadle and Griffths coming on for Nkoso, Gurson and Ortmann

65′ Olympia’s corner is held up slightly after the Assistant referee and Warren Wadawu negotiate for the corner flag to remain in the ground

63″ A passback gives City an indirect freekick in the edge of the box, however the shot flew over the bar

61′ Launceston now really pushing Olympia, the game has opened up

57′ Olympia with some great passing down the left hand side

Goal! City go one goal up after Joesph Dozario hits the ball sweetly into the back of the net 

48′ Launceston with a freekick in a very dangerous area

47′ Nkoso with a good ball for Wadawu, called offside

46′ Hugh Undy whips in a great ball early

45′ Second Half Underway 

A first half which was very much played in Olympia’s attacking half. Gordon Gurson was looking lively early, with Lucas Hill providing good runs and combining well with Joffrey Nkoso. The wind was causing the ball to move about a lot in the air, causing issues for both teams. It took a while, but Launceston began to get more time in attack as the half wore on, and looked particularly dangerous in some of their build ups, however Brett Johnson was not overly tested. It will be interesting to see if City can build on their momentum into the second half or if Olympia will keep attacking.

45′ Half Time

44′ Cheese! a City player initially sees red but the referee changes to yellow

43′ Lucas Hill is fouled on the top of the box

35′ Noah Miles with a promising run on the right

32′ Joeseph Dozario with a foul, giving Olympia a free kick

29′ A Vandermey ball finds Gurson in the box, unlucky not to score

The wind is definitely causing issues here

26′ A wayward Paul Stephens pass almost allows City through

24′ An Olympia corner hits a rising Alex Holmes only for his powerful header to hit the crossbar

22′ Hill hits a shot wide, after finding Good space

18′ Lucas Hill with a dominating run through the park, only to be denied by Gianstopulous

15′ A heavy collision results in a City free kick

13′ Offside! The crowd go up at Warrior Park but so does the flag

12′ Gurson plays a great first time ball to Undy, who just loses control

6′ A free kick in a good spot from City, falls straight to Johnson

4′ Gurson’s penalty is cooly saved by Gianstopulous

4′ Penalty!

3′ A freekick in a dangerous area for the Warriors

2′ Olympia with an early corner

1′ Kick Off

Launceston Team Sheet

Olympia Team Sheet