Slice of Cheese

Olympia v Northern Rangers (NPL)

Live Coverage From Daniel Webb 

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full Time: Olympia 5 defeat Rangers 2

90′ Penalty Rangers! Finished off well by Colainni 

89′ Goal Olympia, Warren Wadawu chips the keeper to earn a deserved hatrick 

79′ Subs for both sides, with Zak Eadle coming off for Oliver Davis, whilst Joe Mccormak came on for Ryan Mcgee

77′ Goal Olympia, Zak Eadle Scores for the Warriors 

76′ A substitute has been made for Olympia, with Joel Sammut coming on for Joffery Nkoso

76′ Alex Holmes involved in a great contest with Mitchell Jones, providing the Rangers with a freekick

74′ Rangers with a great passing move, resulting in a freekick at the top of the box

71′ A great save by the Rangers Keeper to deny another goal to Olympia

70′ The Rangers with two great attacks down the right hand side, unlucky not to score

67′ Slice of Cheese to the Rangers Centre-back, Mcgee

60′ Goal Olympia, Warren Wadawu curls one into the top corner

56′ Slice of Cheese to Olypmia’s Hugh Undy 

51′ Nkoso and Wadawu linking up well on the right hand side

50′ Freekick to Olympia in an attacking area, results in a shot going just wide

49′ Lanau-Atkinson with a wide shot for Rangers

Second half underway

Half time: Olympia leading 2-1

41′ Olympia freekick on the edge of the area

39′ Goal Olympia, a great attack finished by Hugh Undy

38′ Goal Rangers, A great run and ball from Fulton, finished by Ngor

34′ A great ball from Tom Little for Olympia, unlucky for Turner not to score

26′ Joffery Nkoso causing plenty of trouble throughout the pitch for Olympia

22′ Olympia with plenty of chances here, but lacking the finish

13′ Olympia gain a corner after a great run from Undy

9′ Goal Olympia, a great ball put through that saw Warren Wadawu slot it home

3′ Free kick Rangers on the edge of the area, shot goes just wide from Colainni

1′ Kick off here at Warrior Park for 2018, Olympia winning the toss and attacking the highway end