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South Hobart v Launceston City

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

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Full Time South Hobart 2 – 0 Launceston City

91′ GOAL! South, Djakic finds plenty of space after South work a throw in across the field, Djakic slots it into the bottom corner. South 2 – 0 City

89′ City caught trying to get players forward, sees South play the ball fast and nearly finding enough of a gap to create something.

88′ Djakic with a long range effort, but goes just wide of the post.

84′ The responding corner creates an opportunity, with Johnston spilling the ball, but the mess is handled by the ref calling for a foul.

83′ SAVE! Johnston makes a top notch save after Steventon puts Fagan through on goal, with Fagan hitting the ball to the top of the goal, but Johnston does well to palm it over.

80′ South currently having the better of play, seeing a lot of the ball in the top third, having a few chances from distance, but still struggling for that final finish.

75′ A chance for South, breaking with Clarke switching the ball over to Fader, who punts it over the cross bar.

74′ Substitution for South sees Choi come off for Clarke, an early sub at half time for South also had N Moutatsos go off for Djakic.

66′ Opportunity for South, a ball in behind the defence sees Fader get a chance, but the strike goes right at the keeper.

64′ Chance! City get in behind the defence, with E Hernyk knocking the ball around the keeper, but can’t get the shot on target to the empty net having gone too far wide to beat the keeper

61′ City have found themselves back in this one, employing a higher press and creating a few more chances this half.

59′ City get a free kick just at the top of the box, right in front of goal. Steventon lines it up, but the shot goes off target

55′ This half has seen the game even out a bit, with City finding a way into the match. Neither side have truly settled into the half though, with the ball not spending much time in either side’s final thirds.

48′ Dangerous corner coming in from City, but lots of bodies in the area and the top cross bar keep it out of the net.

47′ Long range effort by Zasadny, but not troubling for the keeper.

Back for the second half.

Half Time South 1 – 0 City

45′ City making a late push as the half nears an end, but still not looking like they’re in control.

41′ Best chance of the half, with B Hernyk making a run through the centre of the pitch, combining with Fagan and E Hernyk to get a couple of shots off, but goalkeeper Johnston deals with it.

40′ South are still controlling play, finding the balls in behind the defence a couple of times. Nothing has troubled Dewsbury in goals too much though.

35′ Chance for City, long ball in behind sees E Hernyk take a long rang effort, but the shot wasn’t close to goal

26′ Save! N Moutsasos beats her player to feed the ball through to Ferrier, but Dewsbury stands strong to keep hold of the ball.

25′ Shot, off the cross bar, Ferrier makes a good crack at it, having found space near the top of the  box, but the shot hits the top cross bar this time.

24′ Good build up play by south, seeing Choi get a header off target.

22′ Against the run of play City get a corner, it dangerously goes across the goal mouth, but no one is on the end of it.

16′ A long clearance off to Fagan, sees City get a break but South somehow recover to block the shot.

13′ Another attempt by South, this time N Moutsatsos with a cross, but pushed out by Steventon.

13′ Close for South getting a second off a corner, slipped through the hands of Dewsbury, to get close to the goal line but somehow dealt with, ending up safely in the hands of Dewsbury at the end.

10′ South doing a lot of pressing early on, connecting some good passes around the midfield, City looking comfortable defending holding a line just in front of the penalty box.

7′ Shot from E Hernyk coming in from the left flank, goalkeeper Johnston spills but the ball manages to go out for a goal kick

6′ End to end stuff here, with both sets of defences giving away the ball too cheaply near the goal, but neither side capitalising from the mistake

3′ GOAL! South, Isabella Ferrier gets on the ball at the top of the box with space and cracks it above the keeper and into the net to give her side an early lead. South 1 – 0 City

1′ City get the first break, but the opportunity is thawted by a foul on the last defender

The sun is shining and we’ve got South with the kick off