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South Hobart v Northern Rangers

Live Blog Coverage From Daniel Webb

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 Shots Off

95′ Full Time Rangers 3 defeat South Hobart 2

94′ Goal South! Adam Gorrie converts from the spot to see his side move to 3-2 

93′ South win a penalty

92′ Kemp with a shot, forcing a great save from Whatman

91′ Substitute for Rangers, Alex Fulton comes off for William Smith

91′ Dan Brown comes off, South down to ten men

90′ Dan Brown and Alex Fulton collide and both players seek medical attention

89′ Morton hits wide from distance, not long to go

88′ Kemp’s freekick dibbles into the wall, a miscommunication between him and Morton

87′ South Hobart win a freekick right at the top of the box, Kemp over the ball

86′ the Rangers win a freekick on the left hand side

84′ De Vecchi Marins thinks he has scored but the flag is raised

83′ The Rangers with a good attack

82′ Substititue for South, Legendre coming off for Keenan

80′ Pat L.A. with a great challenge to stop De Vecchi Marins

79′ Nick L.A. plays a great ball through to Harry Thannhauser who misses from right in front of goal

78′ Renato De Vecchi Marins with a shot from the top of the box, but only finds Whatman

78′ The Rangers with attacking possession, South win a goal kick

76′ The Rangers win another freekick, this time in their defensive half

75′ The Rangers win a freekick on the left wing at halfway

74′ Morton finds himself in behind from a South throw, his shot goes wide

74′ Gorrie whips the ball into the box, Whatman catches it yet again

73′ Legendre with a good run, Whatman gets the ball

72′ Substitute for the Rangers, Jones coming on for Humphrey

71′ Marins produces a great run and pass to find legendre at the back post, who skies his shot from right in front

70′ Whatman with a good catch of the ball

69′ Morton produces another good save from Whatman, after Feral and Walter had a good one two

68′ Legendre with a good attack, but the Rangers defend well

67′ Walter wins South another corner

66′ The Rangers win a freekick in their defensive box, Whatman hits the ball out of play

65′ A stoppage in play as Alex Fulton finds himself injured

64′ De Vecchi Marins with a great run to find Morton, who forces a huge save from Whatman

63′ Dan Brown produces a good run for South, his shot is blocked

63′ Nick L.A. finds himself in an offside position

62′ South win a corner

60′ Alex Fulton makes a good challenge for the Rangers

58′ Pat L.A. does well to stop Legendre’s attack

57′ Another corner is awarded to the Rangers

56′ Nick L.A. forces a good save from Brown, winning his side a corner

55′ Substitutes for both sides, Isaac Degtto coming off for Alex Walter and Harrison Thomas coming off for Loic Feral, meanwhile Alex Fulton came on for Tenzing Anderson

54′ Goal Rangers! Daniel Cristy finishes well from the freekick to put his side two goals up, the score is now 3-1 

52′ Cheese! Dan Brown picks up some cheddar, gifting the Rangers a freekick at the top of the box 

51′ Play is held up with Harrison Thomas going down

49′ The Rangers win a freekick on halfway, Thannhauser is fouled

48′ South with another good attack, Rangers defend well

47′ Kemp almost finds Gorrie on the right with a good ball

46′ South with an early attack, the Rangers win a goal kick

45′ Second Half Underway 

A fantastic first half of football with the Rangers attacking well early. It took some time but South soon fought their way back into the game however both sides missed chances. When the Rangers scored two quick goals Darcy Street was as silent as ever, before Oscar Thomas headed home to see his side go into halftime 2-1 down. It will be interesting to see if South can fight back in the second half with their title hopes on the line or if the Rangers will continue their good performance and run away winners.

45′ Half Time

45′ Goal South! The home side get a goal back after Oscar Thomas heads the ball into the back of the net from his sides corner, the score is now 2-1 to the Rangers 

45′ South win a corner on the cusp of halftime

45′ The Rangers counter attack well through Pat L.A. with his cross being deflected for a Rangers corner

42′ Goal Rangers! Tenzing Anderson doubles his sides lead from a Nick L.A. corner, the Rangers now lead 2-0 

42′ The Rangers almost extend their lead after some great build up play from Ngor, Pat L.A. and Harry Thannhauser,  Nick L.A.’s shot is deflected, his side win a corner

39′ The Rangers win a freekick on halfway

38′ Goal Rangers! Nick L.A. with a great run and puts it on a platter for Matt Youd who finishes well, the Rangers now lead 1-0 

36′ The Rangers with a good attack, Ngor wins a throw for his side

35′ South with a good attack, however Gorrie’s ball goes long

33′ De Vecchi Marins with a shot going high from distance

32′ Fulton does well to stop a South cross before Ngor is fouled

32′ Daniel Cristy with a powerful strike, hitting just wide from close range

31′ Pat L.A. wins a freekick on halfway for his side, another chance for the Rangers

30′ Morton recipes the ball from De Vecchi Marins and hits over the bar

29′ The ball almost rebounds into the back of the net as the Rangers clearance hits their own defenders

28′ Kemp with a long shot for South, hitting wide

28′ Schmidt with a shot from distance, forcing Whatman to save

27′ South win another freekick, this time on the right

26′ Jesse Fulton with a great tackle on  Morton gifting South a corner

25′ Whatman wins the foul, however the Rangers gloveman looks to be in pain

24′ South win a freekick on the left wing, a dangerous deadfall situation

23′ Harrison Thomas hits well for South, however his shot goes wide

22′ South with a good attack, however Whatman catches the ball well

20′ The Rangers miss a golden opportunity to go a goal up after Pat L.A. and Humphrey combine well and find Thannhauser who misses his shot one on one with Kieran Brown

19′ Adhar Ngor does well to win the ball and is then fouled, the Rangers win a freekick in an attacking position

17′ Nick L.A. with a good run for the Rangers playing Thannhauser however Thannhauser plays Humphrey who is offside

15′ Connor Schmidt hits a shot well wide for South

14′ Ngor brings down Morton, South gain a freekick

13′ Whatman does well to punch away Gorrie’s cross

11′ South win a freekick but Dan Brown plays it straight out of bounds

10′ The assistant referee raises his flag for offside against South

10′ Morton and Gorrie combine well with a one two

9′ The Rangers with some great build up play to find Thannhauser however he is offside

8′ Kobe Kemp with a powerful shot over the bar from Morton;s corner

7′ Adhar Ngor does well to win the ball back in their attacking third however the flag is raised after his passs

6′ Renato De Vicchi Marrins is back on the pitch and running well now for South

5′ The Rangers do well to follow up Nick L.A.’s freekick as Pat L.A. crosses to Harry Thannhauser in the box, with his shot going wide

4′ Daniel Cristy is brought down in a dangerous spot on the left wing, the Rangers win a freekick

2′ A stoppage in play as Renato De Vecchi Marins goes down injured

1′ Nick L.A. with a good header early, Kieran Brown does well to catch it

1′ Kick Off 

The vital games keep on coming in what is the closest title race in NPL TAS history. South Hobart must get all three points today to remain equal with title rivals Hobart Zebras and Launceston City, whilst remaining in touch with Devonport who sit on top of the table. For the Rangers a win today would see them leapfrog Kingborough into 6th as they look to bounce back from their three goal loss to the Lions last week. It should be an interesting game and a great contest.

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