Slice of Cheese

Taroona v Hobart Zebras

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time Taroona 1 – 1 Hobart Zebras

90+’ Edge of your seat stuff for both teams, as they both press for the winner, but defences are hold strong, both struggling to get a decent shot off

86′ Substitution for Zebras with Morris off for Moate

85′ End to end stuff here as the game gets near the end, Zebras looked dangerous with Johnson carrying the  ball, but Taroona quickly replying and Witte pulling off another shot off target

84′ Taroona transition quickly through the strength of Tolman on the ball, Witte gets a shot off but goes wide of the near post.

81′ Zebras looking for a return, pressing and with Johnson taking a long range effort

80′ GOAL! Taroona pull one back with Dick crossing the ball over and Tolman heading it into the back of the net. Taroona 1 – 1 Zebras

79′ Zebras win a free kick about 35 yards out, Johnson lines up the shot, but it goes over the post

75′ Chance! Working off a throw in Tolman gets on the ball and fires a shot, but goes just over the post.

75′ Double substitution for Taroona seeing Raymond and Birch coming off for Mcginn and Cruickshank.

73′ Both sides having some quality passages of play, but some good defence and off target shooting means no true goal scoring chances.

66′ Taroona having some good combinations between the lines and into attack, with a couple of good shots being fired off, but being blocked or off target

62′ Taroona sub off Ayton for Witte

57′ Some really nice combinations by the Zebras going forward sees Roberts get a shot off forcing a save from Lucas

53′ Ayton finds some space in the centre of the park and puts through a ball for Hulton, but the Zebras defence deals with it, knocking it out for a corner. The resulting corner looking dangerous, but the Zebras win the second ball, with Nichols running out and having a shot from long distance attempting to chip the keeper, but the shot is off target.

48′ Corner for Taroona creates problems again, pumping the ball into the box, with the second ball landing at Ayton’s feet to be hit over the cross bar.

46′ Taroona pressing again early but Zebras with an early break with Macgregor bringing the ball out and Nichols taking a long range effort, but going off target.

The refs are out and we’re back for the second half, Taroona starting with the ball.

Half Time Taroona 0 – 1 Zebras

45+’ GOAL! Zebras, with a short corner going wrong for Taroona, Johnson runs the ball the whole pitch, hits the shot from 30 yards out and it goes over the fingertips of Lucas into the back of the net. Taroona 0 – 1 Zebras

37′ Birch finds some space on the right flank and gets a shot off but her final shot goes straight into Ponting’s hands

35′ Zebras with an early substitution, Lucy Macgregor coming on for Jane Archer

31′ A couple long range chances from a corner, the threat earns Taroona another corner, which again threatens close to goal but is eventually knocked out.

25′ Couple chances from Ayton now from 30 yards out having won the ball in the midfield, but both going well wide of the goals

23′ The game has evened up a bit, with play happening in the midfield after Taroona came out thundering. Both sides have seen some chances but nothing that looks promising of a goal so far.

14′ Horgan takes a free kick from the right flank, near the penalty box, the ball goes across an empty goal but no one is there to touch it in

11′ Zebras get their first opportunity with a through ball putting Nichols through on goal, but Lucas stands strong in goals, with Kannegiesser getting the rebound, smashing it well off target.

9′ Taroona get a deep free kick and it’s headed on target but not strong enough.

7′ Again the Zebras find themselves pinned in, as Taroona employ a high press, Tolman finding another shot going off target.

3′ Through ball from the midfield, cuts the Zebras defence and finds Birch with an opportunity.

2′ Zebras finding it difficult getting the ball out of their defence, Tolman with a long range effort going off target.

1′ Taroona with an early chance, winning the ball easy with  Hulton and Birch combining to get a long range shot off, but it goes well over the post.

We’ve got the sun, the views and kick off. Zebras starting with the ball.