Slice of Cheese

Taroona v Kingborough

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton


 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time: Taroona 4 – 3 Kingborough

89′ Slice of Cheese to Marion Dunbabin for a crunching challenge on Davis who was through on goal. The Lions with a dangerous free kick right in front of goal. Edwards takes it, aiming for a side but the goalkeeper gets her body behind it and catches the shot.

86′ The Lions get a free kick in a dangerous area, the in swinging kick by Tatton sees a Taroona head get on the end of it to clear.

84′ Taroona seeing a lot of the attack, a couple of half chances, but not on target.

79′ Dick with an impressive, swerving shot from deep on the right side, doesn’t wind up on target though.

77′ Bremner receives the ball at the top of the box, with space to shoot but can’t control it to keep the shot down, going wildly above the goal. Taroona

73′ GOAL! Hulton gets another, again receiving a cross and having the composure to put the ball away once again. Taroona 4 – 3 Kingborough

72′ Chance! Davis goes one on one with the goalkeeper, but Cruiskshank somehow gets a foot to it, the shot from the rebound goes off target.

66′ Taroona counter quickly on the restart, a dangerous cross in just can’t find the attempt on target they were looking for.

65′ GOAL! A quick reply by the Lions, after there looked to be no options in the midfield, the ball ends up at the feet of Furness, who chips the goalkeeper from range to bring the sides back level. Taroona 3 – 3 Kingborough

63′ GOAL! Bremner turns on the jets down the right flank, puts the ball across right in front of goal for Hulton to get onto the end of. Taroona 3 – 2 Kingborough

59′ The Lions put in a dangerous corner, and despite almost finding the players and space in the box, unable to get a shot off and Taroona manage to clear the ball.

57′ GOAL! Tatton puts the ball away for the Lions, as the Lions capitalised on the counter, attacking with numbers. Taroona 2 – 2 Kingborough

56′ Ayton wins the ball in midfield, creates some space and shoots from deep, the shot going off target.

55′ Carrying the ball through the guts of defence, a foot race between Bremner and Watkins sees Watkins do enough to put off the forward and for Gardner to collect.

54′ The Lions try to get on the counter after pressure from Taroona, but a foul to Tatton on the half way line sees play brought to a stop.

52”  Blackwood-Coyle with a shot off target, after Taroona shifts the ball from one side of the pitch to the other.

51′ The Lions get their first foray forward for the half after Taroona seeing most of the ball so far this half. Watkins carries it into the box, but the goalkeeper is positioned right and Davis in the middle for the cross can’t get it on target.

47′ Taroona with the first shot of the half, a very deep free kick that lands comfortably for Gardner.

45′ Back for the second half.

Half Time: Taroona 2 – 1 Kingborough

45+’  Tatton and Davis pestering Taroona’s defence after a long ball by the Lions forward, their hard work paying off for, earning a free kick.

45′ Tatton finds the ball and space down the right flank, but the keeper is off the line quickly and the play loses momentum

45′ Risky play in the back for Taroona, nearly sees Davis pounce on a mistouch and free, Taroona manage to keep the ball though.

44′ Ayton goes down the right flank and crosses it into the box, after a couple bounces it lands to Booth, whose shot goes straight to the goalkeeper.

42′ Heavy challenge between Blackwood-Coyle and De Smit, sees De Smit come off second best and play called back for a foul.

37′ GOAL! Hickman’s shot hits the top corner and goes into the back of the net, having lined up a shot outside the box having found space inside off a throw in. Taroona 2 – 1 Kingborough

36′ The Lions look to have a counter after Clifford carries the ball out of defence to put Davis through, but is called back for offside.

30′ Ayton with a turn on a dime and a shot from the corner of the penalty box,  but the effort goes wide.

29′ Bremner turns her player and runs the ball to the end line in the box, pulls the ball back for Dick in front of goal, who just can’t get any connection on the ball

27′ Bremner plays a through ball to Dick on the right wing, Dick cuts it back for Hulton, whose open with space but the shot goes wide.

23′ GOAL! A dangerous cross in from Bremner, sees the Lion’s Dadswell struggling to deal with it, pressure from Hulton waiting in the centre, with the Lion’s defender getting the crucial touch for it to go in for an own goal. Kingborough 0 – 2 Taroona

19′ Having seemingly lost momentum, Hulton surprises the Lions defence to put in a dangerous ball across the goal, Gardner is closs to prevent the shot, but Bremner cleans up the second ball to put a good shot on forcing a save.

18′ Some good combination play on the counter by Taroona nearly sees Hulton with another opportunity, but Gardner is off her line and cleans it up.

17′ Again Watkins running havoc down the left flank, this time the opportunity is pulled back to Furness via Davies, the shot is hit hard but Cruickshank in goals is up for the task.

14′ Watkins with a delightful run down the left flank, to keep the ball in by the byline, cross it in for De Smit and Davis to have opportunities, and despite numbers in the box for the Lions it goes out for a corner

12′ GOAL! Taroona find the first goal through Hulton, who puts away the  ball from point blank range after Blackwood-Coyle sends in a cross right to Hulton’s feet. Taroona 1 – 0 Kingborough

10′ Ayton with a quality through ball and cross in quick succession looking dangerous

9′ Davis and Tatton combine on the counter, but Taroona’s defence deals with the threat to see it out.

8  Challenge between Blackwood-Coyle and Dadswell down the left flank sees the ball go out for a goalkick.

7′ After Kingborough pushing forward, Taroona get an opportunity down the other end but can’t manage a clear shot despite finding some spce.

5′ Tatton through with an opportunity in the penalty box, but pulls it back for Watkins and the attack dries out

3′ Davis wins the ball in midfield, hits Watson who carries it into the final third, but the Lions can’t make anything of it.

1′ Taroona look to play the ball out of the back, the Lions with the high press. Finally Taroona are able to punt the ball forward, but it runs out of reach for Bremner for a throw in. Taroona with the early momentum.

Football on a Wednesday night, we’ve got a catch up game. Considering the weather of this past week, it could be colder but still it remains cold. Taroona win the coin toss and the Lions will be starting with the ball.