Slice of Cheese

Taroona v Launceston City

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

 Shots On
 Shots Off

Full Time Taroona 3 – 4 Launceston

90′ Adelyn Ayton tries to make it a hat trick with a long range shot going to the bottom corner, but the keeper gets hands on the shot.

88′ Yellow card for Kiara Walsh for kicking the ball away after the ref called for the foul.

86′ Good ball from Taroona’s midfield allows Eliza Cropp in on goal, but well defended by Launceston to only concede a corner.

82′ Taroona with a wind in their sales, get another opportunity, with the cross going above the post, but are starting to look threatening as they search for an equaliser.

78′ GOAL! Adelyn Ayton doubles her tally after getting in on goal, having comfortably beat her defender. Estella Cruickshank with a beautiful assist there putting Adelyn Ayton through on goal there. Taroona 3 – 4 Launceston

75′ A dashing cross field run by Eliza Crop, beats most of Launceston’s midfield and draws a foul. The resulting free kick coming to nothing though.

73′ Winning the second ball off a free kick, Beth Bygrave gets a looping shot off, but the ball doesn’t come down in time to trouble the goal keeper.

70′ GOAL! Adelyn Ayton takes a long range shot and it goes beautifully into the back of the net. Taroona 2 – 4 Launceston

68′ Launceston wins a foul at the top of the box, but the resulting shot  from Bethany Bygrave doesn’t come to anything

65′ Launceston having a good spell of play right now, with some excellent play between the midfield and forwards causing the Taroona defence havoc.

55′ Good ball across the park, allows for Eliza Cropp to get free and have a shot, but no luck for the Taroona side as Lucienne Dewsbury stands strong again.

50′ A firing shot from Ashlee Tolman sees her own player Eliza Crop deflect it away from goal, and the opportunity missed

49′ GOAL! a sneaky poke around the keeper sees Keilin Fagan get Launceston’s fourth. Taroona 1 – 4 Launceston

46′ GOAL Naomi Celebre gets one after Keilin Fagan wins the ball off Taroona’s defence, passing it through for Celebre to comfortably score. Taroona 1 – 3 Launceston

And we have kick off

Half Time Taroona 1 – 2 Launceston

45′ Ashlee Tolman cuts in on goal and has her arms held, a foul is call just outside of the box. Resulting shot forces the keeper to jump, but comfortably dealt with.

41′ Lily Hulton gets a ball in behind the defence for a one on one with the keeper, but Lucienne Dewsbury does well, standing strong to pull off a save.

40′ Shot, Ashlee Tolman gets down the flank and a shot off, massive rebound off the keeper, with Launceston ready for the second ball and break quickly and get a chance down the other end

38′ GOAL! Taroona have been knocking all half and finally get the break through with Eliza Cropp getting on the end of a really well worked piece of play.

37′ Chance for Taroona as Ashlee Tolman slots a ball through to Lily Hulton, whose first touch allows her half a chance, but Launceston’s Keeper, Luciene Dewsbury does well to deal with it.

35′ Taroona try a quick reply but the shot isn’t good enough and off target.

34′ GOAL Kiara Walsh takes a long range effort and it goes over the fingertips of the keeper and in the back of the net. Taroona 0 – 2 Launceston

33′ Taroona seeing some good things off corners, just being unlucky with their chances

30′ Shot from Marion Dunbabin from the left flank surprises Launceston, forcing a good save from the keeper

28′ Taroona win a corner, getting a few passes in the box to fire a shot off at the keeper

23′ Some neat passing through the Taroona midfield, the ball ends up at Eliza Cropp’s feet and a shot is pulled off, right into the goalkeepers hands. Possibly other options on there.

21′ Taroona try and reply quickly down the wing, but the ball ends up in the keepers hands

20′ GOAL, Sydney Hector chips the goal keeper and it ends up in the back of the net. Taroona 0 – 1 Launceston

16′ Chance! Naomi Celebre gets a shot just off target after Launceston transitions quickly from defence.

15′ Launceston struggling off goal kicks, with the short ball not working as Taroona are shutting it down too quickly, but an offside stops a shot

14′ Opportunity for Taroona! A ball in behind the defence finds Ashlee Tolman, where Lucienne Dewsbury goes out of her box too early, doesn’t get the ball and an open net that some how doesn’t find a goal in it.

11′ Chance! Naomi Celebre crossed to Emily Hemyk for an opportunity but can’t get it on target

10′ Launceston seeing a lot of the ball, but Taroona doing well to make sure they don’t get into a good position to get any decent shot off

4′ Launceston win a foul deep in Taroona’s half and Bethany Bygrave takes a looping long range shot that just dribbles wide off the goals

2′ Launceston with the first shot of the game, goes wide of the post

Kick off, with Launceston holding the ball early