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Taroona v South Hobart

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

 South Hobart
 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time: Taroona 5 – 0 South Hobart

92′ Saved by the feet of the goalkeeper, Taroona applying the pressure late with Hulton getting a good shot off but denied close to the line.

91′ Cane through on goal, got a good shot off but Johnston makes another quality save to bring an end to the opportunity.

88′ Carter rips a shot off from just outside the box for South Hobart, but Taroona’s goalkeeper deals with it easily

82′ Taroona still knocking late on in the game her, South are throwing numbers behind the ball but are struggling to keep Taroona at bay

76′ SUB: Taroona OFF: Bremner, Dick ON Blackwood-Coyle, Cane

71′ Opportunity for Taroona with a header going just over the bar.

67′ After consecutive throw ins on the right flank, South finally find space to get a shot off, but the shot by N Moutsatsous doesn’t have any venom on it, with the Taroona keeper easily dealing with the situation.

62′ GOAL! Minstrell gets on the end off a corner, and whilst there is confusion as to whether the whole ball went over the line, the hit was strong enough to go over the line, with the ref confirming it. Taroona 5 – 0 South Hobart

61′ Some quality combinations in the middle of the final third for Taroona, with Hulton receiving the ball in behind the defence to take a shot, resulting in a corner

58′ SUB: Taroona OFF: Raymond ON: Ayton

SUB: South OFF: Westwood ON: Choi

56′ GOAL! Taroona get a goal again quickly, Bremner chips the defence and goalkeeper from a distance out of goal, Johnston gets fingers on it but it isn’t enough to keep it out, especially with Hulton on the trail making sure it goes over the line in case there had been doubt. Taroona 4 – 0 South Hobart

54′ GOAL! Hulton gets on the goal side of her defender, turns and hits the top right hand corner of the post leaving the goalkeeper with no chance. Taroona 3 – 0 South Hobart

50′ Hulton turned on the jets there, getting to the end of a ball intended for South’s full back Berrell, but the cross into the area doesn’t result in anything. South quickly counter through N. Moutsatsous and earn their first corner of the night

47′ South tried to threaten off the kick off, however Taroona quickly have gained possession, countering quickly through Bremner resulting in a corner which finds space in the box but the resulting shot is hit off target.

SUB: South OFF Fader, Declerck ON N. Moutsatsous, Berrell

Back for the second half, South starting with the ball. If this half is anything like the first, it’s going to be an entertaining way to end the night.

Half Time: Taroona 2 – 0 South Hobart

45+’ Save! Bremner takes on two players, jivys around the player and takes a cracking shot, Johnston comes up strong though with a diving save palming the ball out of harms way.

44′ Threatening from a corner for Taroona but saved by Johnston

42′ South are having a good spell at the moment, particularly with Fader asking questions of Taroona’s defence, however no success yet on breaking through the shield in front of goal.

34′ Bremner puts in a delicious cross through the penalty box begging for a header, but no one’s able to get connection on it.

32′ Play’s opened up here in the last few minutes, both sides looking to counter quickly, neither finding enough traction for a clear cut opportunity with the defences working hard to stay organised in the end to end action

25′ Taroona having control of play her, working the flanks really well. South getting a couple of chances on the break but they’re rare to find and are getting no space behind, shut down each time.

22′ Taroona have now found the left hand side of the field, with Hulton going down the flank and trying to feed someone in the box again, this time no one able to get on the end of it.

21′ GOAL! Taroona double their lead, this time going down the left, with Hulton feeding Bremner the ball in the penalty box, Bremner made no doubt of the opportunity in putting it in the back of the net. Taroona 2 – 0 South Hobart

18′ Shot and saved! Djakic somehow breaks her way through three Taroona defenders to fire a shot off, it had the power but was squarely in the path of Taroona’s goalkeeper, Kallonen

16′ Cleared off the line by South, again down the right side for Taroona, the ball put in for Hulton waiting at the near post, but cleared for a corner

13′ Taroona still asking questions, this time off the corner which sees Hulton take a hit at the end of play but the shot isn’t strong enough.

11′ Some nifty play by Fader to beat the defender to get Djakic through, but Taroona’s defence were deep enough for Djakic to get in behind.

10′ Some neat passing for South having a bit of possession in the final third but Taroona’s defence holds strong and there’s no way through.

7′ Horgan threads it through to Bremner, who again is asking questions of the South defence to earn another corner.

4′ Goal! Taroona go ahead early, again havoc down the right flank, to get the ball across for Booth to get the opening goal. Taroona 1 – 0 South Hobart

2′ Quick stuff here with Bremner taroona flying down the right wing and earning a corner. The resulting corner sees a shot well off target

2′ South quickly reply with Fader flying down the left flank to put it in for Djakic, who cut it back for her midfielder but Taroona deal with it in time

1′ From the kick off Taroona try to find South napping, cutting the ball across the box but somehow in the mess the ball goes out for a goal kick.

We’ve got Thursday night soccer on a very cold one here. Lucky everyone is rugged up and we’re ready to go. Taroona with the kick off