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University v Clarence

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

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 Shots Off


Full Time: University 0 – 1 Clarence

93′ Muir gets in behind the defence down the left flank but the cross goes begging through the penalty area.

89′ SUB: Clarence ON Eaton OFF Grzinic

88′ Muir with a chance and a half after O’Brien misses the kick, leaving Muir with time and space to rocket it in but the shot goes off target

85′ Long range hit by Harrison, didn’t threaten and comfortably saved. Quickly Uni counter and Burley takes a shot but again doesn’t threaten the keeper.

85′ SUB: Uni ON Fraser OFF Ingham

83′ Uni have thrown players forward and S Young winds up with another shot, this time on target but dealt with by Vanderniet.

77′ Harrison finds some space, dashing around Bowditch and George comes up with the stop but concedes a corner. Danger comes from the corner but it’s ultimately cleared.

75′ SUB: Uni ON Muir OFF Lockley

75′ Grzinic gets a chance in behind the defence, fires the shot off but the keeper deals with it.

73′ Uni again asking questions of the Clarence defence, the latest opportunity coming from a curler off S Young, but dealt with by the goalkeeper.

69′ GOAL! Johnstone pounces on the rebound from a Harrison shot that was punched away. The goal against the run of play. University 0 – 1 Clarence

64′ SUB: Clarence OFF Donnelly ON Davie

61′ Burley with an absolute brilliant opportunity after Vanderniet goes to ground early, but the angle doesn’t work for her and it goes out for a corner

60′ Uni looking dangerous having the ball around the penalty box, S Young being pushed up as forward creating some problems for the Clarence defence but their latest opportunity goes out for a goal kick.

56′ S Young runs down the right flank with the ball, gets around her defender and passes it off to Burley whose collision with Vanderniet ends up with a foul.

54′ Long range effort from O Young is a bit hopeful and goes over the bar

51′ O. Young with a left footed shot after being laid off the ball deep, but cant get it on target

49′ Both teams stringing together some nice passes around the midfield, but defence is the name of the game and both are holding up well under pressure.

Back for the second half, Clarence with the ball. Lets see if someone can break this deadlock.

Half Time: University 0 – 0 Clarence

45′ Diving save from George after Harrison put a good cross into the danger zone, leaves the ball loose in the box but somehow Uni do enough to earn a foul and clear the ball.

44′ Harrison gets the ball from Uni unable to play the ball out from a defensive free kick, but Harrison’s shot goes wide.

43′ Downham run at the defence, but is shut down.

40′ Clarence lose the ball in midfield, Ingham makes a run with the ball but without enough support any danger from the attack just isn’t there.

38′ Both teams trying to find something here, but the ball is stuck in midfield

33′ Uni with some really good build up play, Dandolo gets another shot off deep but it just goes over the post.

26′ Chance for Uni, with Burley finding some space behind the line, but Vanderniet stands strong and blocks the on coming shot.

24′ Clarence nearly find something off a counter but Leon gets on the end of it to clear the ball.

23′ Uni with a chance, but Clarence locking them out of the penalty area, the end is Dandolo shooting from deep and it goes off target.

21′ Dandolo crosses the ball from the right flank, it’s a bit deep but S Young gets on the end of it but is unable to keep the shot down to be on target.

15′ O’Brien finds space in the midfield to take a crack, the shot has the power but without direction winds up in the hands of George.

13′ Dangerous free kick from deep taken by Bowditch for Uni gives a glancing chance that goes out for a corner. Off the corner Clarence break quickly but don’t have the support, coming up against 4 Uni defenders to slow them down.

11′ Tadros earns the ball just outside the box and lays it off the O. Young who takes a first time shot which goes wide.

10′ Dangerous play in the back for Clarence nearly sees  Ingham nearly clear with an opportunity but last ditch defending prevails and the ball is cleared.

7′ First corner of the game goes to Clarence after Harrison darts down the left flank. O’Brien with the corner but comfortably lands in George’s hands.

5′ Clarence get an opportunity down the left flank, with Grzinic getting in behind the defence, but is unable to find the angle to get a shot on target.

2′ Uni with a lot of possession early but Grzinic for Clarence nearly finds an early break through by chipping the defence, but the touch is too heavy and the keeper deal with it.

We’ve got kick off and Uni are starting with the ball



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