Slice of Cheese

University v Kingborough

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

Saturday 25 August, 2:00pm, Olinda Grove 

 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time: University 2 – 0 Kingborough

92′ Dadswell with a gorgeous cross, plenty of players in the box but finds a Uni players head to clear.

91′ A high ball is tapped by George and nearly lands at the feet of Lions forwards, but somehow manages to wind up clear of the box.

90′ Moore almost creates space in front of goal to find a shot, but the Uni defence is there. Instead Uni concede a free kick at the top of the box, with Tatton standing over it to take. The effort is hit low, hard and wide, despite the heavy deflection it doesn’t find a way near the goal frame.

89′ Davis carrying the ball in midfield, trying to get to attack, but is shut down.

88′ Watkins working hard down the left flank, but is finding it hard to get success and get a ball past the defence.

87′ On the counter, Burley carries the ball and gets a shot but never troubling the goalkeeper.

86′ Watkins nearly puts Mackintosh through, but with no space can’t pull anything off. Quickly Watkins gets back on the ball with a bit of space and puts in a quick shot.

84′ Shot there by Watkins, who acted quickly, but didn’t hit the target.

83′ Tatton turns her midfielder and lays it back off for Davis, who takes the shot but it goes too high.

82′ Tatton creates space in the middle of the park and carries it to the final third, but the through ball come shot is comfortably dealt with by the goalkeeper.

80′ Kingborough finds Dadswell out wide, who nearly puts Davis in, but strong defending sees them held outside of the box.

78′ Watkins does well to win the ball from a corner, and brings it up the park, but the attempted ball through to the forwards ends up at a Uni defenders feet and is cleared.

77′ Tatton down the right flank with the ball, gets goal side of her defender, but doesn’t manage to find the space to put off a strong shot, getting it on frame but the near post shot didn’t look threatening.

76′ Strong challenges is the only reason Mackintosh doesn’t get through the defensive line there, right in front of goal, looking to carry the ball forward but the Uni defence says no.

75′ The Lions moving the ball around well, but are getting shut down at every turn.

SUB Kingborough OFF Hickman ON Mackintosh

72′ A cross in from Moore on the right flank proves powerful, as the ball ends up rebounding off George, Hickman nearly found the space for another chance but can’t make it work.

71′ Safe hands there by Gardner, after S Young pounces on a weak back pass to the Lions centre back and gets a strike off

70′ The ball stuck under Davis feet there, nearly saw her through on goal, the clearance falling to Hickman, who shoots early from range but doesn’t find the target.

67′ GOAL! Ingham hits the ball into the back of the net from a close distance after a corner goes through the finger tips of Gardner, the ball bobbled, calls for hand ball and Ingham not missing the opportunity, playing to the whistle to double Uni’s lead. University 2 – 0 Kingborough.

66′ Ingham feeds Burley the ball, but an air swing sees the chance wasted and it out for a uni throw in.

65′ Uni spreading the play from side to side, knocking it between the midfield and defence, sees Ingham run at the defence, being held up and seeing the ball land at O Young’s feet, who takes the shot but isn’t on target.

64′ A long corner makes its way to the other side of the box to Lawson, who takes a crack from long distance, but it doesn’t go on target.

63′ Tatton almost played through Moore, but clever defending sees the ball go out for a throw in.

60′ End to end play since the goal, both teams looking to attack but the defences are blocking everyone out of the penalty area.

57′ The Lions with some clever combinations to move into attack, Tatton looked through but a heavy challenge stops her and brings an end to that opportunity.

54′ Moore looks to create something, but is shut down.

50′ GOAL! Burley chips the ball into the back of the net for Uni, after space had opened up for her a couple of times, finally backs herself and puts the shot in. University 1 – 0 Kingborough

48′ Burley pounces on a loose touch by a Lions defender, but is jockeyed out of the box so can only send in a cross which doesn’t threaten.

47′ Watkins down the left flank puts the ball into the box for Davis, who is waiting in the penalty area, but is able to Leon clear the threat.

Teams are back out for the second half, with Kingborough starting with the ball

SUB: Kingborough OFF Clifford ON Moore

Half Time: University 0 – 0 Kingborough

45′ Watkins turns her midfielder and looks through, but O Young makes up for it, getting back there to put pressure on Watkins so the opportunity turns to nothing.

41′ Watkins presses her defender to earn the ball with plenty of space down the flank, puts in a decent cross which is cleared for a corner by a Uni defender.

39′ Big challenge by Bowditch, who wins the ball off Davis on the edge of the mixer, not giving the forward any time to put a shot in after recieving the ball from a cross.

37′ Hickman causing Tantari problems down the right flank, ultimately earning a free kick on the left side of the penalty area. The free kick chipped in begging for a head, and the ball ultimately coming back out for Hickman who takes a shot but it goes over the bar.

36′ Burley released down the right flank, but with little support puts a cross in and the keeper collects it unchallenged.

35′ After some attempts to clear and the Lions winning the second ball, Davis gets a shot off at the top of the box, but is unbalanced, going off frame and collected by George.

32′ Deep ball into the box by Dadswell just goes over the waiting heads of Davis and Watkins. Uni quickly turn it over and counter.

32′ The Lions are pressing forward, with some nice combinations and runs into the box, but haven’t found success or the room to shoot.

30′ The Lions feed through Davis, who is sitting just above the mixer, with her first touch she settles the ball, turns and takes a shot but it goes wide.

29′ Tatton runs with the ball in the box and lays it off the Watkins, who with plenty of space takes the shot first time and it goes well wide of the post.

28′ Long ball forward to Burley, who turns her defender and gets a run towards goal. Her shot is decent as Gardner bobbles it, but with no pressure on the goalkeeper it’s quickly dealt with by the keeper.

25′ Tatton puts Davis through, but Bowditch reads the play and is there to clear. Uni then counter quickly down the left flank but the final pass is missing, with the ball too heavy landing at the goalkeepers feet.

22′ Uni get their first corner of the game, which sees Tadros get onto the second ball, go for the shot but aimed right at Gardner.

21′ Midfield battle sees Uni win the ball and Ingham attempt to thread Burley through. The ball runs long and is in the keepers hands.

19′ Dandolo and Burley link up again on the counter, with Burley taking the shot, this time a better effort, but none the less comfortably dealt with by Gardner.

18′ The corner put into a dangerous area, but under the feet of two Lions attackers, the Uni defence act quickly amongst the confusion to get it out of the box.

18′ The Lions counter quickly, Davis on the ball and earn another corner.

17′ Dandolo wins the ball and moves foward, combination between Burley and Dandolo ultimately sees a hopeful, long range shot on goal from the right flank by Burley.

16′ Burley looked to have a decent crack there but it was blocked by a Lions defender.

15′ The Lions threatening with numbers around the box and the ball in the area, but Uni have more numbers back there and clear it.

14′ Watkins beats her midfielder, and looks threatening dribbling the ball at the defence, but Bowditch gets the tackle in and punts it out for a throw in.

13′ Furness puts Watkins through down the flank, but it goes out for a goal kick.

12′ Dandolo presses her fullback, gains the ball and runs it down the right flank but the ball runs dead.

10′ Tatton nearly plays Davis through at goal, but George is quick off her line and clears the threat.

8′ A long ball into the box by Dadswell, sees Uni’s defence struggle to clear and Davis on it to cause some trouble having the ball at her feet in the box. Laying it off to Tatton they wind up with a corner.

7′ Uni put a long ball forward, and try to work the combinations but the Lions defence is disciplined and no shot is found.

6′ Uni try to release S Young in behind the defence, but the ball is hit too long and Gardner is at the edge of her penalty box to tidy up.

5′ SAVE! Davis gets the better of the Uni centre backs and gets one on one with George, but George stands strong and blocks the shot at close range.

3′ The Lions earn the first corner of the match after Lockley wins the challenge against Watkins but concedes the corner. A high press from the Lions earns them another corner, which is hit straight at the keeper.

3′ Some good combinations between the Lions midfield to bring it out of defence, gives Davis a chance to cross it on on the right, but the cross misses everyone down the centre.

1′ Hickman down the right flank early, puts in a cross but easily collected by the goalkeeper.

We’ve got some beautiful weather up here at Olinda Grove this afternoon for some football. Uni with the kick off.