Slice of Cheese

University v South Hobart

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

Wednesday 29/8, KGV, 7:00pm

 South Hobart
 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time: University 1 – 1 South Hobart

90′ Uni with the counter, O. Young finds the space to take the shot from 25 yards out, but the keeper is well positioned to stop it. Both sides counter attacking here, entertaining end to the match

89′ Coy with the ball in the box, tries to find the space but earns the corner.

87′ End to end finish here as both sides have thrown a defender forward in search of a goal.

87′ Fader makes a run and gets another shot off on the counter.

86′ Long range effort McCulloch, looked to chip the keeper but just within reach.

82′ South break, with Fader finding space with a ball through, but Bowditch does enough to cover and put the forward off to force the shot off target.

82′ Burley brings the ball forward, creating an opportunity for Uni, but they can’t find a way behind South’s defence.

80′ Fader with a hit outside the box, gets a deflection but the pace is taken off for the goalkeeper to collect.

78′ S Young makes a good run down the left flank, puts the cross in on the by line but Johnston is there to collect on the near post.

76′ Both teams searching, pushing forward but both sets of defence weathering the storm well.

71′  Westwood winds a shot from distance, turns out decent and on target but a comfortable catch for George.

70′ Uni’s corner sees Dandolo take a decent shot, which is blocked, South now with the counter.

69′ Burley with a really good run from the middle of the field, earning a corner.

66′ A cross resulting from the second ball of a corner finds a head of a South player, going just wide of its target.

66′ Fader with a curving shot going for the inside of the near post, George does enough to parry it for a corner.

65′ Dangerous in the back there in Uni’s penalty areal. A ball put into the box has Choi pressing for the ball, but in the end it’s cleared.

62′ South with numbers in the middle in front of goal, but Uni have the numbers too, only giving South the opportunity for a blocked and half chance shots.

58′ GOAL! Fader receives the ball in behind the defence and makes no mistake a few yards out of goal to put it into the back of the net. Uni 1 – 1 South

55′ SUB: South OFF Gossage ON Colanzi

53′ South restart quickly down the left flank, earning a corner as George parries the ball away

52′ GOAL! O. Young takes a crack from 30 yards out to the left of the post and it chips the goalkeeper to give Uni the lead. Uni 1 – 0 South

50′ South linking up some good combinations in their half. Ferrier with a good cross in but going to the near post whether the goalkeeper is.

47′ SUB: Uni OFF: Tadros ON: Fraser

47′ Ferrier with a dangerous ball across the defence.

Back for the second half. South looking to attack early, with an early shot from a distance by Fader

SUB: South OFF: Declerk ON McCulloch

Half Time: University 0 – 0 South Hobart

44′ After South having a bit of a spell, Uni have found there way back in through a good press and some quality challenges being won in the midfield.

38′ Ferrier running at the defence near the top of the box, but is finally shut down.

34′ Fader with some space, pulls it back to three waiting but the pass goes behind everyone.

32′ Fader with a dangerous in swinging corner there, begging for someone to hit the shot off it but the Uni defence clear it.

31′ N Moutsatsos with loads of space 30 yards off, decides to go for the shot but George is there to pull out the save.

30′ Uni nearly put the ball back in a good area from the second chance off a corner, but it goes on the wrong side of the post.

29′ Ferrier looked to put the earlier spark back into South’s attack, but Ferrier and N Moutsatsos are on a different page and can’t link up the pass.

27′ A good ball by Tantari sees Burley with an open header in the box, but the keeper collects.

27′  SUB: South OFF Carter ON Choi, looking like an early injury to Carter.

23′ S Young gets on the end of a ball headed back in from the corner, looking to chip the keeper but it drops too early and Johnston catches it

22′ Burley working hard up front, this time winning the challenge, nearly putting Muir through but ultimately winning a corner.

20′ Uni work the ball well on the counter, but the ball runs too far in the end.

18′ Uni pushing forward, the ball ends up loose 30 yards out from goal and Tadros takes a hit from a distance

15′ Some good pressing by the Uni forwards sees them earn a corner. Dandolo hits the ball on frame but a South defender is there to clear the ball from potentially stumbling into the net.

13′ Ferrier creating space in the box and pulls out the shot. George with a good diving save to block the shot.

12′ South passing the ball really well, but Lockley stops the final pass hitting the forwards. Burley pressing the South defence as they try to recompose themselves on the ball but concedes a free kick.

10′ N Moutsatsos and Ferrier down the right flank work it past the defenders and get a second chance at the shot after the initial blocked, but the shot never looked likely to hit the target.

9′ Some good combinations down the right flank for Uni, particularly with Muir in the centre of it, but the final ball is missing and no goal opportunity created.

7′ Fader chips the ball over to Ferrier, but it bobbles a bit, however Niki Moutsatsos finds the ball at her feet and takes the shot early, low and hard but off target.

5′ Fader finds space at the top of the box to take a shot, but it’s blocked for a corner

4′ Dangerous play there by the Uni defence, who look to clear through the box, Ferrier is nearly there but the ball is cleared momentarily to the sidelines.

3′ Westwood with an early shot from a distance, but is too high of the post

2′ South with the early action, Fader causing problems down the left but Uni now on the counter but the opportunity ends before making it to the forwards.

Kick off, with South starting with the ball.