Slice of Cheese

University v Taroona

Saturday 26 May, 2:00pm

Olinda Grove

Live Blog Coverage From Molly Appleton

 Shots On
 Shots Off


Full Time University 0 – 1 Taroona

90+” Uni trying to find a goal in extra time, but just aren’t pulling the shot off. In turn Taroona are threatening on the break.

90+” Melinda Minstrell wins the ball in defence for Taroona, carrying it out and hitting her forwards, leading to a threatening counter attack for the away side, a couple second balls later and the shot does the opportunity no justice

89″ The game is coming alive in the final minutes of this game, but this has resulted in both sides battling in a midfield contest

84″ University looked threatening from the break with a long ball over the top, but are brought to a halt by an offside call when the ball was crossed into the penalty area.

80″ Taroona make another substitution with Eliza Crop coming off for Danielle Raymond.

79″GOAL Taroona! Lily Hulton gets the breakthrough for Taroona, after working the ball down the left flank, they finally find a way to get it into the mixer, with Lily Hulton providing a fine finish.

74″ Long range shot from substitute Riana Gardner aims for the bottom corner, but Taroona keeper gets a foot to it to make sure it doesn’t go in.

71″ With Ella Tantari still on the sidelines, University make a substitution with Riana Gardiner entering the field.

68″ Play has stopped as Ella Tantari has gone down with very little contact, and looks in pain.

66″ University have what looked like a good opportunity, with Georgia Burley fighting for the ball in the box, but it was called back for offside.

65″ Taroona make another change with Persia Blackwood-Coyle off, with Mia Cane coming on

60″ A solid long range effort by Marion Dunbabin sails over the crossbar.

59″ Taroona sub on Eloise Dick and Josephine Painter comes off.

55″University get a free kick in a threatening position on their left flank, the resulting cross goes into a dangerous area, but unable to capitalise.

54″ Consecutive corners for Taroona, ends in scrappy clearances and an eventual long range effort right into the keepers hands

50″ End to end for this second half, Taroona having more of a focal point with Lily Hulton now up top, but University are looking threatening with the long ball over the top to their front trio.

45″ And we are back for the second half, with both sides having all to play for. Half time substitution for Taroona, with Lily Hulton coming on for Clara Birch

Half Time University 0 – 0 Taroona

43″ Taroona are back working hard, trying to link up their attack through the flanks, but keep hitting the ball too long or unable to get it back into the middle.

40″ University threaten, with a through ball seeing a one on one with the keeper, but with the angle shut off, Taroona keeper Nathalia Krelling able to get behind it, the resulting rebound not causing any trouble, despite an effort by Sophie Young

40″ The last five minutes have evened out a bit, but still neither side doing much to threaten the goals

32″ University with their backs to the wall right now, Taroona are seeing a lot of the ball, but Michelle Tadros doing well shielding her defence, making it difficult for Taroona.

27″ Taroona making a push forward, with University’s defence scrapping to ensure the ball remains out of the danger area.

26″A freekick from deep for University sees Kaitlin Casey take a long range effort that looked good, but ultimately comfortabley dealt with by the Taroona Keeper.

25″ Both teams getting angsty in the midfield, with some messy challenges happening

19″ Both sides are in this contest, with the ball largely stuck in the midfield. Still both sides have managed a decent shot on target, ableit going straight to the keeper. Ellisa Bowditch for University is proving a rock in the centre of their defence.

11″ First shot of the game goes against play and to University’s Sophie Young, who blasts over a wishful shot from range.

10″ Being the first to settle into the game, Taroona are pressing in the final third, but a lack of a final pass and an organised Uni defence are proving obstacles.

7″ Taroona earn the first corner, electing for a short one, but the ball is swiftly dealt with by Uni’s defence when punted into the box.

2″ Taroona doing a lot of work down the left flank, with Zoe Horgan and Eliza Cropp linking up, but having difficulty getting the ball into a dangerous area.

1″ Uni get an early break through the pace of Sophie Young, but deftly dealt with by the Taroona defence.

A sunny day here up at Olinda Grove, Taroona win the coin toss so Uni will have the start.