Slice of Cheese

SOC Seeks 2019 Contributors

Slice of Cheese is seeking enthusiastic contributors to join our Digital Media Team for the 2019 season. Whether you are based in the South, North or North West of the state we would love to have you on board to help provide maximum coverage of the NPL Tasmania and Women’s Super League. Contributors will be paid for their work.

This is an opportunity for someone who wants to write about football, get good exposure and develop their journalistic skills whilst being paid for their time. There are multiple roles to fill including

NPL and WSL Bloggers– This involves covering local NPL TAS and Women’s Super League games with a live blog, conducting post game coach interviews and then producing a post game match report.

Club Blogger–  If you are involved in a particular club and wish to cover their home games, rather than covering all teams across the league, then you could be your clubs specialist reporter.

Feature Writers– Feel like getting on your soapbox? Have an opinion that you feel needs sharing. Feel free pitch your idea and if it meets the editorial standard we will publish it for you.

Becoming a contributor to Slice of Cheese is the perfect casual role for an aspiring sports journalist. A number of former contributors to the local blogs have since gone on to gain full-time employment in the media industry and even at professional clubs following their involvement.

If you think you can get involved in any capacity please don’t hesitate to contact to express your interest in any of the positions or for any queries about roles.