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The Alternative guide to NPL Tas Week 9

Solstice Photography

We are back with another NPL/Lakoseljac Cup hybrid edition of the ‘Alt Guide’ with cup final fever sweeping across Hobart and beyond over the long weekend. It was another fantastic day at KGV on Monday, with fans packing the grandstand, and surrounding the perimeter of the ground. Flags, banners, the roar when Adelyn Ayton’s worldie flew into the top corner, it was a great day for football. Anyway, that’s enough congratulatory words from me, onto some observations.

Goal celebrations…. finally! 

Hints have been dropped both within this article, and on the live stream, pointing out that the goal celebrations in the NPL have been quite subdued this season. A lot of running away from goals, pointing a hand or finger in the air ala Alan Shearer, but nothing particularly animated. Cup final weekend saw the beginning of a long overdue change to this. We saw a passionate display from Miles ‘Fox in the Box’ Barnard when scoring what turned out to be the winner for the Devonport Strikers on Monday.

Miles Barnard absolutely reveling in Cup glory,- Solstice Photography

Another observation was a new unspoken rule amongst footballers that I was previously unaware of. It seems that after scoring of considerable tekkers, the goal celebration is designated to be ‘stack’s on!’. We saw both the winner in the Under 20s final, and the sealer in the Women’s Statewide Cup final, celebrated in almost identical ways. A special mention must go to Taroona’s Eliza Cropp, who despite having nothing to do with goal itself, wheeled away with arms aloft and possibly the biggest grin in Tasmania, whilst celebrating Taroona’s second goal. These celebrations are what we need to see more of, and it’s now up to the NPL sides back it up this weekend with some interesting celebrations.

Check out all the celebrations mentioned in the goal highlights videos below.

Strange live chat

I’ll admit, this next segment does seem like something straight from the play book of a late night chat show,  but it really does need to be covered. We get some weird comments on the live stream and we do notice them. With  YouTube now offering a replay of the live chat from the full games, I thought I would share with you all some these enlightening comments

Using my prowess in foreign languages (Google translate), here is a snap shot of some of what we received from the cup finals over the weekend. Whilst some of the comments are harmless spam, or a random who is wanting betting tips, some other comments are just plain weird, although they are still more coherent than what is posted in Walter’s comments section.

First up, we bring you the tale of the mysterious Sausage. User Slavique Green was clearly in their own world whilst watching the big match. The first comment circled loosely translates to ‘Sausage?’ This comment was left during the dying stage of the match, as Michael ‘turtle’ Holden was taking a throw-in, can’t see a lot to do with Sausage there. A few minutes later, they came back to ask ‘Sausage more, Sauage less?’….. Not sure what South Hobart taking a corner has to do with sausages either.?

During the broadcast, we also had someone who thought that the ‘​cup name sounds more slavic’, which is a debate I do not want to get into at the risk of offending a lot of people, and potentially starting World War 3. We also saw someone who did not take too kindly to the post match pleasantries, remarking that ‘in Australia the endings are quite random’. 

I also love a comment we received during the first match of the season, with use “SD 01″​  saying that ‘these teams would get destroyed by scunthorpe’. As good as out NPL teams are on their day, I would expect Scunthorpe to win. At least our NPL clubs can be googled on our work computers…

Salad of the week

Before getting to this weeks winner, some honourable mentions are in order. A shout out to Jackson Ebini of Olympia Under 20s, whose  dreadlocks were a feature of the tight tussle on Friday night. There was also  a serious temptation to include the Stats men Benjamin Smith as a contender for this week, however, I will keep this illustrious award to those playing in the NPL competition.

This week’s winner stood out while pacing the sidelines during the Lakoseljac Cup final. Although coming on as a  very, very late substitution, and touching the ball once (and what a great touch it was), this player still left Glenorchy a happy man after picking up a winners medal for the Strikers on Monday. A much bigger honour is now to be bestowed on Devonport’s Kynan West, who is this week ‘Salad of the week’

A perfectly crafted salad- Solstice Photography


To recap for those playing along at home, here are the winners of ‘Salad of the Week’ so far for 2018;
Week 1 – Brayden Mann
Week 2 – Gabby Markaj
Week 3 – Liam Scott
Week 4 – n/a
Week 5 – Nick Morton
Week 6 – Gordy Gurson
Week 7 – Adam Gorrie
Week 8 – Hur Ali Ercan
Week 9 – Kynan West

See you next week, C’mon you Socceroos!

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