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Transfer Coup: Demar Signs With South

South Hobart have made one of the first major signings of the off season, announcing the signature of Odaine Demar for the 2018 season, who joins the club from Clarence.

Demar is a Jamaican import who is also a naturalised Canadian citizen having moved there with his family when he was younger. He has previously been a member of the Jamaican national Under 20 national side and still hopes to represent them in the future having been in recent contact with them.

The import again battled injury in 2017 and was restricted to just 10 games but in those matches he showcased his obvious quality. Quality that caught Morton’s eye all the way back in January when the sides played in a preseason match, with Demar’s performance landing himself on Morton’s radar. Fast forward nine months and Demar is now set to join the League Champions, reinforcing an already talented group of defenders.

Morton said he was delighted to have secured the signing of a player he felt would strengthen the League Champions defence and afford them some more tactical flexibility.

“We’re delighted to have been able to sign Odaine. Seeing as we have lost one or two players, It was a great opportunity to add a quality player who I think will add a lot to the team, so we’re quite excited about it.”

“He will bring maturity, calmness and some speed in defence. He will also allow us to play with a back three if we want to.”

Demar’s lightning pace and powerful performances make him a valuable commodity and he was a clear stand out for Clarence in the games he was fit to play. He lined up as both a centre back and as a striker, though it’s in defence he is set to play at South.

Demar said he was looking to put an injury ravaged season behind him and saw South Hobart as the ideal springboard to take his game to the next level.

“I have aspirations to make the step to another level and obviously last season wasn’t my most productive and I felt like I needed another year to get ready and that South Hobart was my best option.”

He gave a number of reasons for why he had decided to jump on board South Hobart for the 2018 campaign.

“The clubs history, the player quality, the coaching staff and Ken being the head over there and having such great history playing and coaching.”

After a year in which he struggled to stay on the park Demar said he was hopeful the worst was now behind him.

“It was very frustrating obviously, as I had to sit back and watch my team lose game after game and not being able to help was heart breaking for me, because that’s why I came here, that was my job.”

“I hope so (can return to fitness), I’m confident, I’ve been taking care of myself and obviously South will take care of me but I think it should be a good year.”

South Hobart achieved their success  in 2017 despite not using their full quota of allowed Visa Players meaning Demar can go straight into a squad that Morton teased would see a few more new faces before the off season was over. South have again set their sights on making an impression on the national stage and they will hope Demar can play a major role in achieving that.


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